Monday, November 6, 2006

Where to begin? It’s been kind of crazy around here. I can’t even remember what day it was that Pablo came upstairs to fiddle with the radiators before the heat man came to fix them. Abby and I are sitting on the couch watching Pablo bleed the radiator when he notices the heat has been turned off. Pablo huffs and puffs his way downstairs to turn it back on. On his way back up I hear him cursing Marjorie under his breath for turning the heat off. As he is bleeding the radiators again, he starts to unload his life story on me. I guess he needed someone to vent to and I was a captive audience. Marjorie and Pablo were married nine years ago. Pablo was a master carpenter living and working in Manhattan. He had a two-bedroom apartment somewhere that he loved and gave up when Marjorie suggested they buy a house in Brooklyn and become landlords. She said he could do all the work and maintenance and she could manage. After they move in Marjorie refuses to let Pablo fix or renovate anything in the house. She wants ‘professionals’ to do the work. This pisses Pablo off to no end. He told me there were things he would like to fix in our apartment and she outright refuses. I wanted to tell him he is welcome to come up anytime to fix whatever he wants. I wouldn’t mind having a new kitchen or bathroom put in. Pablo said that Marjorie wasn’t blind when he first met her. Now she’s legally blind and the poodle she takes everywhere is a Seeing Eye dog. Her blindness and almost deafness has made her bitter, resentful and very controlling. Marjorie was a schoolteacher for handicapped children. Again, Pablo noticed that the pressure in the radiator pipes was gone and cursed Marjorie for turning the heat off. He hobbled his way downstairs to turn the heat on. When he came back he told me Marjorie wanted him to wait for the ‘professional’ to come. I found out that Pablo has a son he’s very proud of from I assume an earlier marriage. His son lives in London and works in the music industry as a producer/mixer. The last time his son came to town, Pablo had left for a few days to stay with a friend after a fight with Marjorie. When his son called the house, Marjorie refused to tell his son where he was and Pablo missed his son as a result. It seems that when Pablo leaves after they fight he usually sleeps in his van. Once more Marjorie turned the heat off while Pablo was trying to fix it. Whatever Pablo did to the heat, it worked and we had an extremely toasty apartment for the next few days. Then the water heater broke.

Of course the water heater would die the weekend my sister was coming up to visit. Oh, and the electricity in the bathroom went kaput as well. No lights and no hot water from Thursday night until Saturday morning. The electrician found a loose wire, which was kind of scary. On a good note though, the guy replaced the light over the fan so now our shower isn’t a dark damp hole in the wall anymore. It’s a bright damp three-foot by three-foot hole in the wall. Now the house has a new water heater. Once it was installed Saturday morning, the boiler died. Again. It seems now that everything is finally in working order and replaced.

Today, Abby and I met Emily and Yoav at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to enjoy the last of the somewhat warm weather. Abby and Yoav had tons of fun playing in the Children’s garden and running around. For lunch we sat at the restaurant and were harassed by an employee for eating outside food. He actually got a security guard to ask us to leave. I told the security guard that Abby has severe food allergies and cannot be near dairy. The security guard let us sit in peace. Some people! I could understand if there was a place where people could eat the food they bring, but there is no other place where food is allowed. It’s absurd.

Last night I fell asleep and forgot to put Abby’s nighttime diaper on. I woke up at two am and tried to put one on her. She said “NO DIAPER!” and went back to sleep. I gently woke her back up and asked if she wanted to use the potty. Again she goes, “NO DIAPER!” and rolls over to sleep. It was too late to press further with the diaper/potty issue and I went back to sleep praying I wouldn’t wake up wet. Scott’s alarm went off at four am and I took Abby with me to the potty. She peed and we slept through until 8:30 am. Wahooo! Abby stayed dry all night!

It seems that Scott is turning kind of vegan on his own. I noticed that he has stopped buying milk and has been drinking rice milk. The last time we got coffee, he got soy. Then last night for taco night he got all beans instead of buffalo meat. I wonder how long he’ll go…

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