Monday, December 18, 2006

Abby and I decorated the second tree. It’s a bit bigger than the first one, so I put the old one on the dinning room table. I am way too impatient when it comes to the holidays. All of Abby’s presents are in Scott’s closet and I desperately want to give them to her. I love when she sees something she really likes and exclaims, “OOOOO!” Her little lips make this perfect rosebud and her eyes get huge. It makes me want to give her the world on a platter. Santa is coming on the 22nd to our house since we will be leaving on the 23rd for Maryland. So close!

Tonight we are going to look at a place a few blocks down. It’s a two bedroom in a brownstone. I’m hoping it’s a true two bedroom and not a one bedroom with a “junior”. Who invented that term? A junior room? It’s more a spacious closet with out the clothes racks.

I’m off to email people for the convention, and Abby sounds like she’s getting a juicy cough…

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