Monday, December 11, 2006

Abby had her first round of allergy testing last week. I’m not sure if I posted about this or not. Like Scott and I knew, she is very very allergic to milk. She was also tested for dogs and nothing showed up. Since we’ve been home her eczema has been clearing up nicely. I have no idea what triggered it. Maybe some kind of cross-contamination happened during Thanksgiving dinner. We haven’t had dairy in our house in a long time. Although there is a bottle of skim milk in the fridge that Scott bought to drink while Abby and I were at my mom’s. I need to toss it. Tomorrow she’ll be tested for eggs and peanuts. I’m going to see if they can do soy as well. I’m hoping she outgrew the egg allergy.

The heat inspector came tonight. He was extremely mild mannered and I liked him right away. I wanted him to go down to Marjorie and explain the laws, but there was nothing he could do. Of course it was near 60 degrees outside and so our apartment was a sweltering 72 degrees. The inspector told us to keep calling and sooner or later she’ll be busted. I’d buy a heater and withhold the money from our rent, but honestly, it would open a huge can of worms that I’d rather stay shut. The woman is insane. I’m not exaggerating.

Some day this week I’m planning to clean out the closet in the dinning room. I have no idea what I stuffed in there when we moved in. Either way most everything in there will end up on freecycle or the trash. It’s my way of getting us ready to move again. If it hasn’t been used in over a year, we don’t need it. I seriously do not want to be a pack rat.


Amy Donschikowski said...

Good luck on the allergy test. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long, all will go well, and you'll get some good news for once.

Clown Jester said...

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Charlotte said...

Good Luck on the allergy testing. I hope she's outgrown the egg allergy too. Let us know how it goes!