Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy 100th post! Oh my! 100 posts. I don’t have a cake to celebrate! It came up so fast! Who would have thought I would have blogged this long?

Abby has entered the “I do it myself!” stage. It all started a few days ago when I put the safety potty seat on the toilet and turned the little potty into a step stool. Now if anyone announces that they need to use the bathroom, Abby races to the toilet and sits down on the seat with a stern, “My turn! I need to pee! I do it myself!” I usually end up standing outside the bathroom performing a potty dance.

It’s amazing how much junk we collect. Where does it come from? Every time we moved, I threw tons of stuff away and donated loads. Between the dinning room closet and the attic, bags of weird cables, old VHS tapes, and really really old clothes have appeared. The worst is trash pick up is on Friday. This stuff is piled in my kitchen.

I wrapped Abby’s presents last night. I even stuffed her stocking already. She made out like a bandit this year. We are all set for Santa to come tomorrow night! Scott starts his two-week vacation tomorrow. We’re going to do a very through cleaning of the apartment in the morning, a trip to the park, maybe squeeze a run in, and then cook an awesome dinner. Maybe I’ll make cookies with Abby. Then four days in Maryland, and the rest of his vacation will be spent hanging out with us girls at home.

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Charlotte said...

Ah, the lovely "I do it myself" stage. Livy's been in this stage for a while now and it's so adorable. But sometimes when your in a rush to get somewhere beware because they WILL take their time at whatever they may be doing.