Monday, December 18, 2006

I’m too excited to sleep right now. Also I am between books, which is a huge drag. I can’t sleep unless I read for a minimum of ten minutes. We saw the apartment tonight and we are stoked. It’s actually in a condo building, a relatively new condo building. The apartment was perfect for us. There’s a videophone entrance thing that was just too darn cool. Here’s the lo-down. It has new hardwood floors, windows, and appliances, washer and dryer in the basement, two huge bedrooms, closet space, huge kitchen with too much cabinet space, TWO FULL BATHROOMS (!!) with a Jacuzzi type tub in the master’s bedroom, a decent size living room and to top things off a balcony. All that for a hundred less than what we are paying for this dump, and it’s even closer to the subway than we are now. OH MY GOD. If that isn’t perfect, the apartment won’t be ready until February, which is beyond perfect for us. Now comes the waiting game of filling out all the paper work to see if the lady truly likes us. It almost seems too good to be true. We’ll see what happens. One thing at a time.


Charlotte said... hardwood floors! I wish we had them in our kitchen or anywhere for that matter in our home. I love them! Plus a nice large tub for you to soak in after a long tiring day! Too cool! I hope you all get it too!

CC said...

Sounds like a dream! I'm keeping my eyes and toes crossed for you guys.

elise said...

ooh that's exciting. nam myoho renge kyo that you get it. mazel tov on your moving quest.