Thursday, December 28, 2006

It’s been busy around here with Scott home. Abby went to bed early tonight so I have some time to blog. Plus I was starting to receive threatening emails.

The holidays were uneventful. Our trip to Maryland was smooth. Scott cooked a wonderful Christmas Eve turkey dinner. I think this was the first family holiday dinner where there was no broccoli casserole. Christmas day was spent with Scott’s family and we had an amazing pot roast. Abby was spoiled with gifts this year. Her favorites were a keyboard from her Uncle Nic and Uncle Grover and a Waldorf doll from her Opa and Amy.

I love my mother. We’re sitting eating lunch at a café near her house and she looks at me and says in a disapproving tone, “You’re getting a bit of a tummy. You aren’t pregnant are you?” Mothers! I can’t win! First I’m too skinny. I need to gain some weight. She was constantly pushing food on me. Telling me I eat like bird. I gain four pounds and now all of a sudden I’ve got a tummy! It was always there, even when I was four pounds lighter. It must have been the shirt. Damn post-pregnancy tummy. But what got me the most was the “You’re not pregnant are you?” part. Like if I were pregnant again it would be the end of the world! But, no, I’m not, but part of me wishes I were just to see her reaction.

The hardest part about the holidays is balancing out Abby time between the two sets of grandparents. Usually all the shifting around causes Abby to get stressed and Scott to get a stomachache. I end up with one peeing everywhere and the other slightly moody. Then if I suggest we stay at one place to make it easier on everyone, feelings are hurt. This time Abby actually had a breakthrough with the potty despite sleeping in two different places in four days. She woke up dry every night and didn’t use a diaper while we were out for long stretches of time. Scott felt a bit nervous, but he coped. I usually don’t care where I am. It’s always the actual traveling that gets me in knots. Do we have the tickets? Are we on time? What’s the train number? Are we going to be able to find three seats all together? Oh god the train is boarding and Scott is still in line getting bagels!

I’m running in the four-mile New Year’s race at midnight this year with a long time good friend. Scott and I keep discussing the details of how to get home afterwards. We’ll be above all the Times Square hoopla, but the trains are going to be packed on the way home and Abby will be with us. I’ve been running everyday to work my endurance up. I have never run four miles before. With all the excitement of New Year’s and being around all the other people, I should be fine. It’s my determination for the New Year: to keep running regularly and run in a few races.

Scott is going to write about this in his blog, but since I got to the computer first I’m going to gloat. I have surpassed Scott in how far I run. Usually he makes it to 22nd street. I ran to 18th street the other day and Scott feeling a bit competitive ran to 14th street so he says. It took him 32 minutes. I’m going to try to make it to 14th street in 30 minutes. I know you’re jealous of my skillz boy!!


Alice said...

It's always best to run faster than the boys in your life. However, it's fine if they're faster as long as you are proportionately smarter. See you for the 4 mile!!

Charlotte said...

You'll do good in the race. Just keep up the good pace and you'll be fine. I'm glad Abby had a good Christmas. Just think, Next year will be even better! Happy New Year!

Amy Donschikowski said...

Have fun in the race. I'm envious of people who like running. Keep blogging about it and maybe I'll start!