Thursday, December 14, 2006

Last night was an interesting night. Scott helped Mateo take a TV to his apartment and Scott was late getting home. Abby and I went to a tree lighting ceremony at the park with a friend. So we come home and it’s about 6pm. Scott is still out with Mateo, and Abby and I start to read a few picture books. Gradually I start to hear music. I don’t think too much of it, I hear music outside all day long. Only this music starts to get very loud to the point it’s vibrating my chair in the living room. It was coming from downstairs. How bazaar. After a year and a half of silence (besides yelling) there’s unbearably loud music from downstairs. Abby looks at me and I look at her and we walk out to the hallway to listen. Pablo was blasting some classic rock and shaking the entire house. They had a huge fight earlier, and what I assume happened was Marjorie left and Pablo rocked out. Abby and I go back into the living room and try to ignore the vibrating floor.

At 9pm, I started to get Abby ready for bed while the house was still rocking from classic rock. Scott was convinced that Pablo was chopping up Marjorie and was using the loud music to hide her screams. Abby was so tired from skipping a nap that she fell asleep despite the loud music. I told Scott Pablo might turn it off at 10pm. I always assumed 10pm was the courtesy time to turn off loud music.

Scott and I went to watch ‘Rescue Me’ with cookies and rice milk in tow. It was impossible to watch with the music. The music was as clear as a bell. It was so loud it sounded live. At 10:30pm Scott went to tell Pablo to turn it down. Some loud obnoxious song came on and woke Abby. Pablo answers the door and says, “11 pm is the cut off time. That’s the law!” He slammed the door in Scott’s face. Wow. How childish can two grown adults in their late 50s or early 60s be? Again, could this be retaliation for the inspector coming on Monday? How inconsiderate for my two year old trying to sleep upstairs. And how long can one-person rock out to extremely loud music? We’re talking loud classic rock from 6pm to about 10:45. What the hell was he doing down there?

We decided to find a new place. This has gotten out of hand. We have done everything they have ever asked of us. All we have asked in return is to adequately heat the apartment. Anyone know of a nice, clean, two bedroom, with a real bath tub, and hardwood floor apartment in Sunset Park around $1500 a month that comes with sane landlords?

I managed to clean out the dinning room closet this morning before the babywearing meeting. Abby had a wild time playing with lacrosse balls and her old diaper bag for about two hours! I found some old watercolors from my painting days, and I left them for Pablo downstairs. Sometimes being nice makes things better. The paints were gone when I came home this evening.

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