Friday, December 29, 2006

Livid is not the word I am looking for. What’s worse than livid? Outraged? Maybe if we combine them both in a high powered smoothie mixer with a cyclone pitcher attachment and add a bit of extreme anger, you’ll understand how I feel right now. What on this good earth has caused the crazy woman downstairs to deny the conversation she had with Scott on December 17th? Why oh why must we be tortured like this? Marjorie is not letting us out of our lease. Oh my god. I want to die. Now. Please.

How did this happen? The only thing Scott and I can come up with is that she spoke to a broker and realized that housing costs have gone down a bit. She’ll never be able to rent it out at the price we are paying now. I mean, we found a full real two bedroom with two full baths for a hundred less. Goodness, we have submitted all the paper work to the person for the new apartment. Oh god. What a conniving manipulative –excuse my French- bitch.

I don’t know what to do. I guess we’ll be staying here until June 30th. My house is trashed with all the stuff from the attic. It has no place to go. There are no closets here. Ugggggggg….

We went to the Brooklyn Museum today. It was a bit dampened because of the apartment situation. The Ron Mueck sculpture was awesome and the Annie Liebowitz photographs amazing. I hope I got the last name right.

What a day.

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Charlotte said...

OMG!! I would be so pissed and then some. That's not fair to ya'll! I would get a small voice recorder and anytime that she or you and Scott talk to her I would record the conversation. Then when another something happens just go back to the recorder and say this is exactly what you told us! See how she likes that. I had to do that with our old Apt landlady. She too was nuts! It worked though. Try to have a good rest of the day!