Sunday, December 17, 2006

Many things seem to be happening all at once. For a clearer picture of what is happening with Scott, check his latest post. Just a warning though, it’s a long one. It seems that when the heat inspector came out, he reported that we don’t have a carbon monoxide detector. Marjorie got fined. What joy! We couldn’t nail her for heat, since it’s been freakishly warm outside, but like Al Capone, we got her on a little thing! Though keeping to her form, there was a massive backlash. Marjorie made us take everything out of the attic. We were storing some old clothes, Abby’s crib rails, and film gear up there. When Marjorie called this morning, she said we threatened her, was counting the days until we left, and was no longer going to be nice to us. Scott called her a baby. She actually came upstairs and stood there and watched Scott take all the stuff down. My poor home has been turned upside down. Some good news did come out of this.

Most of the stuff in the attic turned out to be trash anyways. Old VHS tapes and cables that went to who knows what. My rule is that if we haven’t thought about it for more than a year, it’s got to go. Most of it did go, and the old baby toys are going on Freecycle. Scott did find the other Holiday tree and Halloween decorations we thought we lost in the move up here. We have two holiday trees now. How gaudy of us! But here’s the best news, Marjorie gave us a way out! She said she would let us out of our lease if she can find a tenant. Hell yeah! Scott told her to wait until January 1st to start looking for a new tenant. Marjorie said she was unhappy with us! Oh the laughs! She said we complained too much. Last time I checked we only complained about the heat. I wonder what else we complained about. The best is when she said this apartment was the best apartment we were going to find in the city. I had to giggle at that. Anything with a full bathtub is better than this place. Scott was the man though. I have to give him props. He held his cool with Marjorie the entire time. He even took his time taking the boxes down from the attic and placing them on the ground. I nearly lost it. I had to hole Abby and I in the side room to chant. I wanted to ring her neck.

Let the packing begin!

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Charlotte said...

Yeah!!! Alright! No more Insane Landlords. Good Luck in the hunting too!