Sunday, December 10, 2006

Retaliation anyone? Marjorie left us a little letter. She’s reaching pretty far to piss us off for reporting her to the city. Let’s see, she complained our checks take to long to clear and now wants cashier’s checks. Marjorie told us to get a local bank. The funny thing is we do have a local bank. How is it our fault that her bank takes too long to process a check? Maybe she should get a bank account with our bank.

Marjorie also wants everything out of the hallway and the stroller moved into the attic (when we moved in she said we could keep it at the bottom of the stairs). I know we don’t use the stroller all that often, but I do need it for the laundry. As far as the hallway goes, Scott and I moved everything in. The coat rack is now in the dinning room along with the chest. We don’t want to be petty and the thought of arguing over something else puts my stomach in knots. I’ve always considered the hallway to be part of our apartment since the small side room is accessed from the hallway. If there were a door to the side room within the main part of our apartment, then I would understand moving our coats. This whole thing is infuriating. I did leave our rug and shoes out there. Scott called the city for a third time on Saturday morning. At this point it’s becoming more about the principal of the thing. She must know I’m right by know.

I modified my jogging shoes to fit the iPod/Nike+ sensor and went for a run. It rocked! I love the woman’s voice, “You have completed five minutes.” Thank you! The only downside is Scott and I can’t share the sensor. We’ve worked out a system where we each name our jogs after logging them. Someday when I feel a need for an iPod I’ll get my own.

Abby has been very excited about Santa. Scott and I took her to Macy’s downtown to see the huge Santa display. It was complete madness with all the tourists and shoppers, but we managed to do two peeks at Santa. There was a small toy grand piano in the toy department that Abby played with for about twenty minutes. We milled around a bit until we got sick of the crowd and headed to Whole Foods for shopping and lunch. Today has been a quiet day, and Scott’s making salmon for dinner.

Abby made Scott put my vest on. He was extremely happy to oblige.

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elise said...

that pic is HILARIOUS.