Friday, December 15, 2006

We live on a hill. Actually the highest point in Brooklyn. The view of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and New Jersey is awesome at sunset. Is that where the name ‘Sunset Park’ came from? On our way back home from dropping Frankie’s toy off, Abby took a major face plant as she was running down the hill to our apartment. When I picked her up, her lip was already pooling blood. The poor little thing screamed the last half block home. Abby wouldn’t close her mouth so saliva and blood flowed down onto her shirt. I washed her lip out, gave her a tablet of Arnica, and patted her lip with Calendula gel. She looked sad and hurt and it broke my heart. We read a few picture books and she fell asleep for a nap.

Scott has been swamped at work. I feel as if I haven’t seen him in two weeks. He has to go into work tomorrow and next Wednesday, the first day of his vacation. What a drag. I miss him.

Here’s a photo of Ry and Abby munching snacks during an afternoon playdate.


CC said...

I'm so sorry about your apartment woes. Maybe it's all in the timing though -- with Scott's job locale being up in the air. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys, I hope you can live in peace in the near future. Thanks for your comment on my blog, if you need a dose or irony check out my latest posting.

Charlotte said...

Poor Little Thing. I know how that is only Livy falls on the gravel road we live on and it's so sad to see them get hurt. :( Hope she feels a little better now. I know what you mean about not seeing your hubby, I barely get to see mine either. It'll all be ok though. :) Have a good weekend!