Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yippee! Abby has outgrown eggs! At least eggs came out negative on the scratch test. Peanuts came out negative as well, and the doctor said no child under the age of three should have peanuts and to still stay away from them. As far as eggs go, we’re going to do a test run. I need to make a dish with a tiny bit of eggs cooked in and wait 24 hours and see what develops. If no reactions then try a bit more eggs and so forth. How exciting! The eczema is from dairy only. There had to be some kind of cross contamination while we were out of town. It’s hard to monitor what’s in her food when we’re not at home. For example if a spoon was used to mix something with dairy in it, it should be washed completely with soap before mixing Abby’s food. Otherwise she gets the itchies.

I’m getting close to my 100th post and I might celebrate. I’ve actually kept up something. Never have I kept a journal that lasted more than a week. I had journals I used to doodle and draw in but those don’t count. They didn’t keep track of day-to-day activities. Plus my sister ruined them when she flooded the basement.

There’s exactly one more week to go until Scott goes on holiday!


Charlotte said...

Yah!!! Go Abby! I know you're probably excited too about the No Egg Allergy! Well I like the picture of Abby doing Scott's hair. It's too cute!

Amy Donschikowski said...

Isn't it funny that the one thing that didn't show up on either of her blood test is the thing that she's seriously allergic to? So why put kids through the pain of a blood test when they are that inaccurate? It must feel really good to relax just a little bit. Any word on the soy? Have fun on your egg creations and hope all goes well with it!