Monday, January 15, 2007

The Abby Updater is undergoing a major renovation! Please be patient. It may take a few days to re-launch.

The Bonanza is in a week. I’m kind of up to my nose in things to get done. The bags need stuffing, the advertising, and last minute things with hotel. Not to mention all the vendors that still need to get me their stuff. I feel the turnout is going to be huge. I am a bit worried about crowd control.

Abby and I went to a swap party and I was able to get rid of clothes and baby toys. There are boxes in the side room that we have to keep, but eventually the side room will be useable. Scott refuses to toss out any old 16mm film prints or sound stocks. We’ve got mag tape. I don’t think anyone still has the equipment needed to play this stuff. The film I can understand. This big box of 16mm holds our sweat and blood and too much of our hard earned fulltime college income. I just wish we could consolidate. I love the toxic smell of old film. It brings back memories.

I’ve got to get back. The house needs to be in order by Thursday night. I want everything to be perfect for Allyson.

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