Thursday, January 4, 2007

How sad am I? We had to tell the new apartment lady goodbye. The lawyer said we were stuck. There’s nothing we can do. I can’t believe it. Scott spoke to Marjorie one more time and offered her our security deposit plus the rent for March. We’re talking $3000 plus the rent we paid already for January to move out. The woman is crazy to pass up our deal. Seriously, the woman has lost all her marbles. She goes through our trash. Over the summer I saw Pablo wearing a tee shirt I had thrown away. Yesterday Scott and I we’re heading out to the central library and there was Marjorie rooting around in the recycling container. When we got back, a pillow that I had tossed out last month because Abby had peed on it was on the fence. Did she use it? Wouldn’t a sane person question why there is a pillow in the garbage can? Would a normal person use a pillow that’s been in the trash? The pillow was soaked in pee when I tossed it. Scott and I have been on our best behavior. She’s literally digging to find complaints. She called to say that from now on only paper is allowed in the paper-recycling bin. No more cardboard can go in the can. What is she talking about? Is cardboard not made of paper? Since when? Has the composition of cardboard changed since last week? Or last year for that matter? What a nutcase.

I’ve had this horrible dry cough for a couple days now. It started with Scott and ended up with me. I haven’t been able to run. This constant coughing is driving me up the wall. Abby’s eczema has gotten out of control. It’s not an allergy. We’ve exhausted that route. Now I’m taking her treatment to the next step. I have this book, “Healing With Whole Foods” that has treatments in it. I’ve got her on DHA and essential fatty acid supplements to help the skin from the inside. The stuff tastes like oil with butterscotch. Yuck. It has to be mixed in something sweet or Abby won’t eat it. Tonight, I’m trying a cucumber rub with vinegar. Then tomorrow it’s a honey rub with a potato poultice. That should be sticky fun. I swear if this doesn’t work, we’ll have to see the dermatologist.

Last night we made homemade pasta. It finally turned out perfect. The pasta machine is a pain to clean, but making pasta in it is easy and fast to do. If I’m feeling industrious later, I may make gingerbread cookies with Abby. One more thing, the pee pillow, as Abby calls it, has migrated to the end of our block. The poor abused thing keeps rolling down the sidewalk.

Tomorrow night is Scott’s company’s holiday party. I got my favorite skirt dry-cleaned, although I am kind of sick it. Maybe I can dig up something else that fits and doesn’t look like a bag on me. Is it cool to wear a skirt suit to an office party? I mean Scott will be in his suit and so will everyone else. My mother would be so proud that I was getting some use out of my suit. I love the suit conversation. “When are you going to get some use out of that suit I bought you?” Which translates to, “When are you going to stop puttering around at home and make some real money?” I did buy the bound journal that we need for the first step in our scheme to make a butt-load of money.

Off to do some research. Scott and I are writing a script together. Our first ever. How sweet. I can plot out a story line and characters, it’s the dialogue I hate. As it turns out, Scott’s pretty damn good at writing dialogue.


elise said...

can you find a new tenant to replace you?

Hilary said...

I have a friend with a daughter who has horrible eczema. It bled and scabbed and the poor child's skin felt like sandpaper. She has had the most luck with coconut oil. Don't know if you have tried it yet, but it's worth a try!

Lilah said...

Well written article.