Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I realize I have been neglectful. It’s getting harder to find time to blog with the convention coming closer and Abby not napping. I find myself sitting at the computer consumed with figuring out the fashion show order and looking at the mountain of stuff to put into the 300 gift bags. The UPS guy and I are best friends now. After the shipment of 300 Mothering magazines, I got the shipment of bags. He must think I’m crazy. The gift bags from Hotslings are amazing. Reversible tote bags! How cool is that? The bags in themselves are a reason to come to the Bonanza! Free awesome goodness!

This cough hasn’t disappeared yet. It’s been about a week now. The label on the Chestal says to call a doctor after seven days. Maybe I’m dying. I actually sat down to look up my doctor’s number, and here I am typing away. Oh well.

I’ve made some progress on the side room. Abby can actually reach both sides of her easel now. Once all the Bonanza stuff is out of the house, I’ll have tons of space. Allyson is coming up for the weekend of the Bonanza. We are going to have too much fun stuffing bags and running around getting organized. It seems like everyone from Baltimore is going to be in NYC for some reason or another that weekend.

Abby’s sleep schedule has been all over the place. She has napped once in a week and a half. I’ve started ‘quiet time’. Quiet time is a half hour of laying in bed with the bedroom doors shut. Usually reading a few books or nursing quietly is enough to recharge her batteries. I always thought kids needed naps until about the age of five? What is this?

Scott just finished giving Abby a bath. Sorry folks no photos with this post.


Scott the AV Guy said...

Whoa! You and the UPS guy? Note to self: knock out UPS man's teeth.

Ad. Note to self: first learn karate.

Charlotte said...

I wish I could come up for the Bonanza but the funds are kinda tight for us now that Christmas is done. I am however getting my friend ready for her baby and telling her to get a hotsling for when she's out and about with Kennedy. She's so excited!!!