Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It’s always something. I gave myself a nice case of bronchitis or walking pneumonia. No running for a while still. I’m tired of coughing. Tired of coughing up phlegm. At least I’m not contagious.

I’ve tried a few of the homeopathic remedies from my Healing With Whole Foods book for Abby’s eczema. The cucumber vinegar mixture was not a big hit with Abby. First the smell of the vinegar was enough to send her running. When I was finally able to touch her with a cucumber slice she screamed that they were too cold. The things were room temperature. She wouldn’t let me near her again. The raw honey and papaya rub seemed to do the trick. Only Abby says the raw honey is too sticky and asks for “no sticky itch cream.” Now her eczema has gone down everywhere but her left wrist. It’s still bright red there. Last night she itched and picked until the blood started to run down her arm. Scott took her to the dermatologist today. I think we’re all falling apart.

The bags came out great didn’t they? Just another reason to come to the Bonanza. wink wink.

Scott has confirmed my suspicion that Pablo has an air mattress in the back of his Dodge. He saw him out there the other night reading a book on it. Earlier that day Pablo and Marjorie had a fight.

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Charlotte said...

I hope you all get to feeling better. Livy's having a bought with her eczema too only hers is all over her butt. So we're having to try whatever we can. Hope you got some answers at the Dermatologist yesterday. Have a good day.