Friday, January 12, 2007

Quiet time turned into naptime today! Last night Scott took us out to Barnes and Noble. We thought the frigid cold air would be good for my lungs. I picked up two workbooks for Abby. Now I’m not a big fan of workbooks. They remind me of busy work. For some reason this winter has been slow activity-wise. It feels like we haven’t gotten out of the house all that much. I figured the workbook sheets would give Abby and I something to work on together. The first one is a “Let’s Cut Paper!” book. All the sheets are very simple cutting exercises. The second is a workbook of easy mazes. Abby woke up at 9am and started right in on the cutting sheets by herself. I gave her three to do and she spent an hour cutting, which is incredible. Abby never sits that long for arts and crafts. I was able to go through my 20 plus emails for the Bonanza this morning. At 11am I gave her two worksheets of mazes. These were a bit tricky for her, but she understood the concept. Mostly she doodled along the path to the finish. The books say I am supposed to put stickers and congratulate her on finishing, but she knows she did the sheets right and she was proud to show me her finished work. “Look! I cut bear leg! It move now!”

The dermatologist said that Abby’s eczema is a skin condition. Sometimes it can be caused by allergies, but because we can’t find any other allergies besides dairy, it’s now a ‘condition’. Yuck. The Dr gave us a prescription lotion and a prescription first aid cream for the cuts. Now we have a strict lotion regimen. Three times a day and before bed Abby gets the special lotion and cream. Every half hour we have to rub her down with regular lotion. As the dermatologist said, “The key to eczema is lubrication!” It seems to be helping. Her wrists look much better.

I woke up today feeling well, but as the day goes on I can feel my lungs filling up with fluid again. It’s getting kind of hard to breathe. When is this going to go away? Poor Abby has been stuck with a sick mama for over a week now.

Here’s my evil genius working on her evil plans. Oh yeah, that's Abby sitting on an army projectile missile box. I’m going to work on my script until Abby wakes up.

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