Sunday, January 24, 2010

 Happy Anniversary, Scott!  It’s been a wild 7 years, and more ahead!  You’re my best friend, confidant, and lover.  I wouldn’t trade what we have for the universe.  (Staple that shit! ;)  I love you.    

I don’t think I ever blogged about how we met and got married.  Here’s the short version.  We met in a film history class.  Scott sat a few seats down from me.  We chit chatted.  He happened to be in my art history class too.  We talk some more.  Scott took me to see a movie at the Kennedy Center’s theater, and we talked a whole lot more.  About a year later we eloped over winter break telling only our immediate family.  The ceremony was very tiny.  His family and mine.

One of my favorite photos taken an hour or so after Vera's birth.  After searching through iPhoto, I realize there's not many pictures of just us.  We'll have to fix that.



Darleen & Gregg Jobson-Larkin said...

His reminds me of our bed. Cute. Congratulations and yay for small intimate weddings!

Emily said...

So sweet. I love seeing Abby in one pic her current age and then seeing this one. She looks like a mini-Abby ;)