Monday, January 25, 2010

This evening, the girls and I came home from Abby’s last ballet class and had dinner.  Afterwards, I put the tent up for Vera and made a blanket fort attached to the tent for Abby.  (Marge thought this whole set up was the BEST.)  Both girls are in the tent and I start to hear Vera getting agitated by Abby being in the tent.  I poke my head in just as Vera smacks Abby.  Vera hits Abby occasionally, and in the past Abby would just take it and call for me.  This time Abby hit back.  Vera’s face was complete shock, then she started crying and telling me Abby hit her.  I told her I knew, I saw it happen and hitting hurts people.  There was this realization, and Vera kept lifting her hand as if to hit Abby, but I could see on her face and body language that she knew it would hurt Abby.  Abby without any prompting from me, hugged Vera and kissed her where she had hit her, and moved on like nothing had happened. 

Abby is slowly moving through OPGTR.  It’s been three weeks and three lessons.  There’s over a hundred lessons in that book.  I’ve ditched the teaching script and I memorize the poem for the letter sound and we constantly sing the verses all week.  Funny thing is that Vera is learning the verses along with the letter sounds and letters.  I swear these two girls will start reading at the same time.  Vera’s already picked up a decent amount of the alphabet from Abby.  It’s neat to see how much of a sponge little ones are.  I wonder if teaching Vera will be easier because she’s seen and heard all the stuff Abby is learning.  I would assume so. 

This week Scott’s cooking out of The Mediterranean Kitchen.  Yum!  We haven’t eaten out of that cookbook in a long time.  Sicilian Cornish game hens with brussels sprouts and whole wheat couscous!  Sardinian meatballs!  I want to get my hands on Julia Child’s Mastering The Art of French Cooking.  Scott and I watched The French Chef episode on “Elegant Eggs”.  (See, the episode can be streamed from there.)  I made baked eggs, and they came out marvelous.  Anyways, now I’m hooked on Julia Child.


Darleen & Gregg Jobson-Larkin said...

This sounds sooooo much like my two youngest ones James (4) and Jon Luc (3). The hitting and the shock of being hit back ...classic response. I love the unprompted.
hug. We build tents and forts almost daily and there is never enough room. We look forward to meeting you guys, the girls sound like so much fun. You can check out our antics if you get a chance:

Amy said...

Thanks Darleen! Were you at AMNH today for the field trip to the moon? We were there for the movie and stayed a bit before heading over to the park.
See you around!