Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vera had her two year check up.  24 pounds of love.  It was an interesting visit.  The doctor we normally see was out for whatever reason, and we got stuck with the doctor I'm not fond of.  He started asking me about Abby and homeschooling.  I felt like I was being grilled.  I mean, who asks, "Well, what do you have to offer her?"  Umm, yeah.  "Does she see and meet other kids?"  Do you know Abby??!  After a quick run down of her weekly activities, I changed the subject back to the reason I was there - Vera - and he seemed satisfied.  Scott said he was probably trying to chit chat, and I took it the wrong way.  Whatever it was, I don't like chit chatting doctors.  I like to get in there, get down to business, and go.  Doctors' offices make me nervous.  So Vera is all well, but it was a difficult visit for her.

The doctor's aide takes us to the exam room and Vera instantly starts to climb off me to run back to the waiting room.  Then the aide asks me to strip her down to her undies.  The usually wants to be naked girl flipped out.  She was not going to suffer the indecency of being naked in front of these strange people.  I told the aide I would only take off her long sleeve shirt and shoes, and even then I had to quickly put on her shoes after the weighing.  So both of us had to go on the scale together, then Abby had to hold Vera while I stood the thirty seconds to be weighed.  Measuring Vera's head circumference was another hurdle, and she is still talking about "the paper hat" that was put around her head.  When the doctor came in, I had to hold Vera tightly in my arms so he could do the whole eyes, ears, throat, heart, lungs thing.  Then she got her HIB and Hep A.  Lots of screaming.  Funny thing is, as soon as the doctor left and I got Vera's long sleeve shirt back on, she calmed down and walked cheerily out to the waiting room.  I find it interesting that she's been more concerned about the head measuring then the shots.

Yesterday I made it to an API meeting.  Shocker!  And it was at 10am!  It was a much needed meeting.  I feel better and more relaxed about where we are with Vera.  Vera is Vera.  My little screamer.  It was good to hear the been there done that stories and stories from mothers going through what we're going through.

Next week is Abby's last class of ballet.  It's also the last class of acting, but she's going to continue with acting.  I'm excited to see the play that the acting class has been working on.  Abby's very very excited about the script and totally lights up when I read through it with her.

I finally ordered Vera's birthday present.  It's an all organic child's sized pillow that's stuffed with wool, an organic cotton pillow case and the Under The Nile monkey.  She's crazy about monkeys.  I'm wondering if she's the one that walked off with the Curious George DVD that I can't find.  The pillow and pillow case aren't going to get here for another two weeks.  I guess I should have ordered that stuff sooner.  It's already way passed her birthday.

While I'm on the subject of bedding, Scott and I might need to get bunk beds sooner then we thought.  Vera has four nursing places in our apartment.  In order of preference: Abby's bed, the office chair in front of the computer, our bed, and the Poang chair.  Most nights she insists on nursing in Abby's bed which causes problems.  It's a twin size bed and Abby needs to fall asleep too.  The other night, Scott and I switched.  He took Abby to our bed and I took Vera to Abby's.  When they were both asleep, we switched them.  Then in the middle of the night Vera woke up and realizing she was back in our bed cried to go back to Abby's bed.  So there we were at 3am, all three of us smashed into a twin sized bed.  Once Vera was done nursing, I went back to bed and left Vera with Abby.  I'm not sure how long they stayed in bed together.  Vera started whimpering and I took her back to our bed. Abby may have kicked her.  I thought a full sized loft would be great for their room.  I could put their desks underneath!  But, alas, that room is way too tiny.  Only a twin size bed will fit in only one way.  The full sized loft would literally take up the whole room.  If there was no radiator it would be a different story.   If only Scott was a carpenter.  Anyways, it seems like Vera might be open to spending a few nights here and there with Abby.

No photos since I'm using Scott's computer to post...


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Amy D. said...

Take a video of Abby's play! I want to see it! Bunk beds are great, if I can ever get the kids actually into them. As it is, the top bunk is for super-secret daytime play, and both sleep in the bottom bunk when I can get them out of our bed.