Friday, January 29, 2010

Vera’s pillow and monkey came, and so did the organic cotton blanket my mom got.  The pillow is wonderful and the perfect size for her.  Now she doesn’t try to sleep on my pillow in the middle of the night.  I want the monkey to act as a kind of lovey.  And all you lovey-haters can flame me, but it’s worked as a great distraction in times of almost melt down, anti-nursing-twiddling device, and gives her something to hug.  Plus it’s her favorite animal.  The blanket has heft to it, even though it’s a thin blanket.  I love heavy blankets. 

About two weeks ago, I woke up to Abby dressed like Wonder Woman.  She made the costume completely on her own.  Notice how she fashioned a lasso out of a scarf and attached it to her shorts.  The best is the silk scarf top and hand-me-down shiny boots complete with jingle bells.  This is the result of the local comic bookstore having a  five for a $1 sale.  Scott, Abby, and now Vera love reading comic books.  They love them.  Which reminds me, I should dig out the old paperback Calvin and Hobbes books for Vera and Abby to look at again.  I put them up because they were getting destroyed from over use. 

It was beyond cold outside today, and we hid indoors most of the day.  The girls and I did take a several block walk to get air in our lungs, and ended up coming home from the Chinese bakery with red bean buns and pineapple buns.  Oh well, it’s Friday.  I’m borrowing a friend’s copy of Veganomicon, and I’m using it to plan next week’s dinners.  Some of the dinners call for meat replacers, like seitan.  For those dinners I’m using real meat.  I can’t get down with meat replacers.  

Since both girls are asleep, Scott and I are going to spend some quality time together on the couch and watch a movie and drink a beer.

That's one hungry bunny.  :)  With Marge's one eye, she always looks like she's winking.

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