Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vera’s two!  She’s so big and little all at the same time!  Scott made her homemade mac and cheese all with real dairy.  Vera loves cheese and noodles, but she’s never had them together.  Abby had spaghetti, and when Vera saw Abby’s dinner Vera had to have sauce on her noodles too.  We all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and had cupcakes.

Vera went on a long talk at bedtime tonight about there being big monkeys in the bedroom and she was scared.  There were a lot of reassurances and turning on of lights and when she still wouldn’t lay down because there were still big monkeys in the room, we went to the living room to nurse.  Then she told me there were big monkeys in Abby’s room.  Vera didn’t seem too worked up.  It seemed to be more of a concern that there were monkeys in everyone’s rooms. 

This week was parent observation for Abby’s classes.  Ballet was adorable.  Acting was great.  It really pushes her to focus and think on her toes.  The games they played were hilarious!  I’m glad we’re continuing acting classes.


Courtney said...

Happy Birthday to Vera! I love the header picture of the girls in the snow, so cute.

Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday to Vera!!! She's getting so big and both girls are still adorable as always!