Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well, bedtime tonight sucked.  Usually things work out fine when Scott has a late evening.  The girls and I snuggle up in bed, read, then everyone falls asleep.  Tonight, Vera insisted on nursing asleep on my lap in front of the computer.  Abby was having trouble falling asleep on the couch and she was dead tired.  So, I moved us back to my bed, and Vera broke down.  She screamed until Scott got home and I could sit in front of the computer with her.  Scott took Abby to her bed.  It should have been a very early evening.  Vera only napped for ten minutes today. 


Abby’s breezing through math right now.  The lessons have been short and sweet.  I don’t know if it’s because she’s grasping the material easier or if she’s enjoying the lessons.  The lessons about time and clocks have been tons of fun.  Who doesn’t like to play with clocks?  It’s nice that she can tell the time to the hour.  If I can’t see a clock, I ask Abby.  She’s totally proud of herself that she can read time.  We’re also spending quite a few lessons on even and odd numbers.  One thing I really like about Saxon, is that the material is repeated constantly and everything builds up.  There isn’t room to forget a skill.  We’re on lesson 58, and there’s 130 something lessons.  I am hoping we finish Math One by the end of June at the earliest.  I need to get the Zaner-Bloser Book Two for handwriting.  We’re halfway through book one.  I want to try to get it off of Paperbackswap like I did the first one.

The weather was mild today, and I got the girls outside on their scooters and bikes.

That's a photo of Abby's wrap job, and Marge is the best bunny EVER.  ;)

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