Saturday, February 27, 2010

This picture of the girls and Marge cracks me up.  Three little troublemakers!  ;)
Looks like Saturday night has turned into my blogging evening. 

I’m starting to really charge through math.  I know I keep saying this, but I want to be done with math 1 by the end of Spring.  For some reason, starting a new math level mid-school year is very unappealing to me.  Now that Abby’s finished the short vowel sounds in OPGTR, we’re averaging a lesson a day.  That’s awesome!  Since Abby already knows the majority of hard consonant sounds, it’s very very easy for her.  She’s recognizing more and more words, which is SO cool.  At this rate, I’ll probably stick with First Language Lessons for first grade next year. 

Scott and Abby are reading the first book of Harry Potter before bed.  Abby’s funny about books.  If the book doesn’t have a girl as the main character, the book really has to be sold to her.  Though once she starts reading it and realizes she likes it, she could listen to it forever. She’s finally enjoying Harry Potter now that there’s some action going on and Hermione is finally a main presence in the book.  I think we have all of them.  I need to dig out the one box of books we have tucked away.

The Girl Scout summer camp guide came in the mail today.  Oh my goodness it sounds like a ton of fun and here’s the kicker- it’s affordable!  The biggest set back is Vera is no where near ready to be alone with Scott for a weekend.  The Daisies need a mother with them.  Daisies only go for two nights and three days.  Enter my sister who will be on break during the summer.  She’s graciously accepted to take Abby.  Abby looked at the guide and was really excited about it.  Boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, arts and crafts, campfires.  She’s going to have a blast. 

I may have blogged about this before, but Vera is drawing people.  It’s awesome to watch. 

Scott took the girls to BounceU today.  It’s an indoor space filled with slides and moon bounce things.  Abby wore her self out there.  Scott said Vera took a while to warm up to the place.  Towards the end, she was going down the little slide with Scott and Scott got her to bounce a bit.  I’m thinking she was feeling a little intimidated by the hugeness of the place if that makes sense.  Anyways, we’ve got kids yoga in the morning.  Vera has yet to join in on the class.  She sits behind the curtain and watches all the other kids.  It’s a great class and I love it because they both can take it at the same time.  
Green Tea Girasol 3.6 new weave.  A shorty with a lot of love. :)

Vera let me French braid her hair.  The right side is kind of messy because she kept trying to look at Abby.  

Saturday, February 20, 2010

An update on Marge’s free roaming.  It’s going beautifully.  She actually stays in her ‘home base’ area more now that the ex-pen is gone.  Marge hasn’t destroyed anything of importance- like furniture.  The key is for her to have lots and lots of natural wood to chew on and old t-shirts and blankets to dig in and she’s satisfied.  The apple tree sticks and untreated wicker are heaven for her.  Cleaning her area is super fast.  New newspaper in the bottom of the litter/hay box and vacuum her rugs and I’m done. 

We’re all feeling much much better now.  Thank goodness!  I went to work today and it felt great to be away from the house for the day.  I’ve been cooped up inside for too long!  Usually, I’m all about winter.  I love winter.  Cold and snowy.  Sledding and ice skating.  But this year, winter is dragging on and on.  I feel myself getting anxious for spring.  It’s the combination of being inside too long and the hassle with coats and winter gear.  I’m the bag lady.  I must look crazy with Vera in a carrier and all the crap I have to carry around.  Once we can be rid of the coats, traveling will be a breeze.  Please bring milder weather, March.  Please.

I tried a shorty wrap this evening.  3.6 Girasol.  I got a perfect ruck with it tied in front and the tails were just right.  For summer, I want to go the shorty route.  A double hammock in summer seems too hot.  Way too much fabric.  I showed Vera how to sit in a wrap so I can swing her.  Biggest mistake.  Every time I pull out a wrap she says, “Wrap baby up!  Swing!”  It’s great exercise, but so tiring. 

Vera held up three fingers and said, “Three!”  She had her thumb, pointer and middle finger up.  I held up my pointer, middle and ring finger and said, “Three.”  Vera grabbed my hand and put down my ring finger and pulled out my thumb and said, “No.  Three.”  Vera’s big into colors now.  We have lots of discussions about the different colors of things. 

Oh yeah, when I came home tonight, Scott and Abby showed me the science project they want to make.  I have no idea how this all came about.  They want to make a model of the interior of the Earth.  By all means go ahead.  But they both drew out different diagrams.  Scott drew your typical model of the Earth.  A sphere with wedges cut to show the different layers.  Abby drew two pictures on pink post-it notes.  One was labeled ‘Earth’ and was a circle with what I assume was land masses.  The second had the Earth with a sun and meteors hitting the Earth. 

One more thing before I forget, Vera drew people the other day!  I need to take pictures of them.  She drew a circle with two dots for eyes, a nose and mouth.  The arms and legs all came out of the head.  As she was drawing, Vera was telling me the part she was drawing.  I was in awe.  Vera is always very precise with her drawing.  There’s never huge scribbles to her pictures.  She likes small spirals and tight zig zag lines that resemble writing.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My goodness, we have been nothing but sick!  For a week!  Today is the first day I really feel like I could leave the house and not die.  Abby is still congested as hell and coughing up her lungs.  Scott has been on the fence for two days.  I think he'll be ok.  Vera is better, but still has that hoarse deep throat voice.

There's dishes to do, and I have the time now to do them, and I'm sitting.

Abby sounded out a few words in an ad on the subway yesterday!  She didn't make the connection between the sounds and the actual words, but she sounded out words!!  On her own!!  I was so proud I looked around to see if anyone noticed, then remembered no one in that subway car could care two shits if my kid is starting to read.  She's getting closer and closer to reading.  I find it so surreal and exciting.  She's also made it through the vowels in OPGTR.


Monday, February 15, 2010

This post bothers me.  It's the whole fulfilling the female sexual role issue.  That a woman is not complete until she's a mother, and being a mother should be enough.  But the author is looking at other jobs and classes, and feels guilty about it.  Why should she feel guilty for wanting a little bit of fulfillment outside of the house??  This problem is one part of attachment parenting theory (more so in what I call extreme attachment parenting) that nags at me.  Our children are not there for us to live vicariously through.  We can learn a lot about ourselves and who we are as a person through our parenting, but what happens to a child who is made the ultimate center of a mother's life?  What happens to a woman who depends on her child to bring her complete happiness and satisfaction?  There can be a balance between our lives as mothers and our lives as women.  Ugg.  Validation indeed.  What about validation as a woman?  Being a mother is only part of the whole.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!  Ours was filled with Pezz machines and M and Ms.

I feel like crap.  Nothing like pass the cold.  Scott's starting to feel it too.  Yay.

Vera is so willing to be wrapped I'm in heaven.  I think part of her rejection of back carries was the MT.  The Didy has been unbeatable for comfort in a double hammock.  I did a wrap geek test.  This morning I wore Vera to yoga class in the Gira peacock and this afternoon I wore her in the Didy leaves.  The Didy won hands down.  The Gira wins for rucks.  Probably because it's a bit smaller length-wise.  I'm trying to set a few dollars aside to buy a shorty.  I want something bright for summer.  Maybe red with stripes?  Abby was never into letting me wrap her, so I'm super excited.  Can you tell??

We tired kids' yoga at the new yoga studio in Sunset Park.  Beautiful studio with lots of natural light and huge windows.  Abby jumped right into the class, and Vera watched from behind the curtains.  I signed Vera up anyways, thinking in a few weeks she might be tempted to join.  And having Abby in the class with her should help.  It's the perfect class for them.  The ages run from two years to over five years.

I took Marge's pen down.  It turned into a playhouse for the kids, and Marge only went in there to use the litter box and eat.  She's officially a free roamin' bun.  Marge isn't destructive or a trouble maker.  I used the pen to block off our bed during the night to keep her off.  I don't blame her for wanting to sleep on my feet for warmth and to be close to us, but it wakes me up.  Scott let her in the bedroom this morning.  I'm slowly bunny proofing the rest of the apartment.  Marge has access to the playroom, our bedroom during the day, and the hallway up to the kitchen.  Have I said how perfect Marge is??

The Olympics have been exciting this year!  We watched last night and plan to watch again.  Abby enjoys figure skating a little too much!  Then again it combines ballet and ice skating, her two favorite things!  Did I blog about Abby being able to take Ballet again this semester?  We were so excited she was able to go for a second class.  Once again she's taking ballet and acting.  Abby had a HUGE growth spurt and I had to scramble to get ballet stuff that fit.  I had to squeeze her into her leotard last week.  Her bones have been popping lately too.  It's like her body can't keep up with its self.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Vera’s sick.  She’s got a double ear infection, runny nose, fever.  The whole she-bang.  Tomorrow will be day three.  Her fever broke this morning, but was back around dinner time.  She was miserable and I gave her some Motrin to ease the ear and fever pain.  Abby’s got a runny nose and that’s about it.  Funny how the nursing toddler got the sickest.  So we half assed lessons on Thursday and watched “The Wizard of Oz” this morning.

It snowed a decent amount on Wednesday and the girls did get some decent snow play in.  Thursday was beautiful and we missed out on perfect sledding weather with the homeschool group.  Scott’s working this weekend.  Both days.  I have to miss work on Saturday and I’m bummed.  I so look forward to Saturdays.  I love them. 

Marge has discovered she can walk on on wood floors and not die.  She keeps investigating under our bed and coming out grey, covered in dust.  I took that as a sign I needed to vacuum under the bed.  I did and she’s still finding dust bunnies from somewhere.  Marge really is the best bunny.  Any rabbit who will sleep through a five year old playing with their tail is awesome.  Though don’t touch her veggies!  Marge made a mess of her dinner tonight and Vera, ever helpful, picked up the greens to put back on Marge’s plate and Marge growled between chomps.  Hilarious. 
I got my first Didy!  It’s beautiful.  A limited edition leaves, aka Blatter natur.  It has the slightest hint of green that runs through the leaves.  A double hammock carry feels perfect.  It’s not quite as soft as my Girasol peacock yet.  (- Just checked the Didymos website and saw the lilien rosenquarz.  I might be in love.)  Speaking of babywearing, Vera’s been going on my back!  Thank goodness!  Actually, I think she prefers wraps to Mei Tais.  I noticed she gets wedgies after being in a MT too long.  That's not the best photo.  I'll try to get a better action shot.

We’re still on a good streak with Vera.  No major issues leaving the house.  Still refuses undies, but she’ll wear tights under pants.  Works for me since it’s cold out.  Vera’s a hundred percent potty trained.  She hasn’t worn any kind of trainer since before November.  She did wear the Eca-pants a few nights several weeks ago when she had a bed wetting streak.  I wish I had Eca-pants from the get go.  Great little baby ec trainers. 

Scott made ramen tonight.  From scratch.  Well the noodles were store bought.  The broth was perfect.  Chicken, ginger, garlic.  A cold busting brew.  The soup had flat beans, carrots, chicken, nearly raw garlic slices, scallions and baby corn.  Baby corn wasn’t a huge hit.  Both girls didn’t like them.  Oh and there was hot chili oil too.  Seriously cold busting stuff.  It took him two days to make, but so worth the fuss.  Another biggie this week was a potato and leek cassoulet.  Homemade whole wheat biscuits on top! 
How to homeschool two kids :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yesterday was wonderful.  The girls and I haven’t done any long day trips in so long, and honestly, I wouldn’t have gone if Scott didn’t push me to sign Abby up for more school type field trips.  We did the Trip to the Moon field trip at ANHM with the huge  homeschooling group I belong to.  Thanks to gracious friends, Abby was able to go see the moon movie in the planetarium while I looked at African animals with Vera.  After the movie, the kids roamed around in the space exhibits.  A bag lunch in the cafeteria followed by more roaming.  Around 12:30ish the kids were ready to run and we all walked to Central Park to play.  The weather couldn’t have been better.  Miss Vera thoroughly enjoyed the left over snow from the morning.  The girls and I headed home close to 2pm, and Vera napped on the subway home.  Perfect.  No tantrums.  Early day, and I had energy left over to cook.

I slowed math down this week.  Abby’s hit another wall.  Though I know this is her cycle.  She learns a bunch of new stuff, her brain kind of freezes, and then pow, it all clicks and we move on as before.  Abby needs to breathe.  It’s the 2 addition facts on top of learning how to count by even and odds that’s got her all mixed up.  So we’re doing the math meeting with the problem flash cards and repeating some worksheets.  Nothing new this week.  She’s officially half way through Saxon math 1.  I’d really like to be done with it by the end of July.  Hopefully. 
Vera can count to ten if I count with her.  I had no idea she could until I saw Scott sitting at the table with her counting.  Vera has a bad case of the whys.  Why?  Why, Mommy?  She seems to little to be asking me why all the time.  Vera’s growing up too fast!  She drew nipples and a belly button on the fairy.  :)