Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!  Ours was filled with Pezz machines and M and Ms.

I feel like crap.  Nothing like pass the cold.  Scott's starting to feel it too.  Yay.

Vera is so willing to be wrapped I'm in heaven.  I think part of her rejection of back carries was the MT.  The Didy has been unbeatable for comfort in a double hammock.  I did a wrap geek test.  This morning I wore Vera to yoga class in the Gira peacock and this afternoon I wore her in the Didy leaves.  The Didy won hands down.  The Gira wins for rucks.  Probably because it's a bit smaller length-wise.  I'm trying to set a few dollars aside to buy a shorty.  I want something bright for summer.  Maybe red with stripes?  Abby was never into letting me wrap her, so I'm super excited.  Can you tell??

We tired kids' yoga at the new yoga studio in Sunset Park.  Beautiful studio with lots of natural light and huge windows.  Abby jumped right into the class, and Vera watched from behind the curtains.  I signed Vera up anyways, thinking in a few weeks she might be tempted to join.  And having Abby in the class with her should help.  It's the perfect class for them.  The ages run from two years to over five years.

I took Marge's pen down.  It turned into a playhouse for the kids, and Marge only went in there to use the litter box and eat.  She's officially a free roamin' bun.  Marge isn't destructive or a trouble maker.  I used the pen to block off our bed during the night to keep her off.  I don't blame her for wanting to sleep on my feet for warmth and to be close to us, but it wakes me up.  Scott let her in the bedroom this morning.  I'm slowly bunny proofing the rest of the apartment.  Marge has access to the playroom, our bedroom during the day, and the hallway up to the kitchen.  Have I said how perfect Marge is??

The Olympics have been exciting this year!  We watched last night and plan to watch again.  Abby enjoys figure skating a little too much!  Then again it combines ballet and ice skating, her two favorite things!  Did I blog about Abby being able to take Ballet again this semester?  We were so excited she was able to go for a second class.  Once again she's taking ballet and acting.  Abby had a HUGE growth spurt and I had to scramble to get ballet stuff that fit.  I had to squeeze her into her leotard last week.  Her bones have been popping lately too.  It's like her body can't keep up with its self.

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