Monday, February 15, 2010

This post bothers me.  It's the whole fulfilling the female sexual role issue.  That a woman is not complete until she's a mother, and being a mother should be enough.  But the author is looking at other jobs and classes, and feels guilty about it.  Why should she feel guilty for wanting a little bit of fulfillment outside of the house??  This problem is one part of attachment parenting theory (more so in what I call extreme attachment parenting) that nags at me.  Our children are not there for us to live vicariously through.  We can learn a lot about ourselves and who we are as a person through our parenting, but what happens to a child who is made the ultimate center of a mother's life?  What happens to a woman who depends on her child to bring her complete happiness and satisfaction?  There can be a balance between our lives as mothers and our lives as women.  Ugg.  Validation indeed.  What about validation as a woman?  Being a mother is only part of the whole.


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Amy D. said...

Ha! That post bothered me because she can't spell LOL. Know/now, their/there. Agh! What I want to know is, what do these women DO all day when their kids are old enough to go to school? What do women with 18 yo children and no work experience do with their lives? Oh, I know, I think they stalk their children and become the MILs from hell LOL!