Thursday, February 18, 2010

My goodness, we have been nothing but sick!  For a week!  Today is the first day I really feel like I could leave the house and not die.  Abby is still congested as hell and coughing up her lungs.  Scott has been on the fence for two days.  I think he'll be ok.  Vera is better, but still has that hoarse deep throat voice.

There's dishes to do, and I have the time now to do them, and I'm sitting.

Abby sounded out a few words in an ad on the subway yesterday!  She didn't make the connection between the sounds and the actual words, but she sounded out words!!  On her own!!  I was so proud I looked around to see if anyone noticed, then remembered no one in that subway car could care two shits if my kid is starting to read.  She's getting closer and closer to reading.  I find it so surreal and exciting.  She's also made it through the vowels in OPGTR.


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Jess said...

I care if your kid can read :o) It's pretty amazing to see kids learn. Reading is likely the most important skill a person ever learns. We use it for nearly everything.