Saturday, February 27, 2010

This picture of the girls and Marge cracks me up.  Three little troublemakers!  ;)
Looks like Saturday night has turned into my blogging evening. 

I’m starting to really charge through math.  I know I keep saying this, but I want to be done with math 1 by the end of Spring.  For some reason, starting a new math level mid-school year is very unappealing to me.  Now that Abby’s finished the short vowel sounds in OPGTR, we’re averaging a lesson a day.  That’s awesome!  Since Abby already knows the majority of hard consonant sounds, it’s very very easy for her.  She’s recognizing more and more words, which is SO cool.  At this rate, I’ll probably stick with First Language Lessons for first grade next year. 

Scott and Abby are reading the first book of Harry Potter before bed.  Abby’s funny about books.  If the book doesn’t have a girl as the main character, the book really has to be sold to her.  Though once she starts reading it and realizes she likes it, she could listen to it forever. She’s finally enjoying Harry Potter now that there’s some action going on and Hermione is finally a main presence in the book.  I think we have all of them.  I need to dig out the one box of books we have tucked away.

The Girl Scout summer camp guide came in the mail today.  Oh my goodness it sounds like a ton of fun and here’s the kicker- it’s affordable!  The biggest set back is Vera is no where near ready to be alone with Scott for a weekend.  The Daisies need a mother with them.  Daisies only go for two nights and three days.  Enter my sister who will be on break during the summer.  She’s graciously accepted to take Abby.  Abby looked at the guide and was really excited about it.  Boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, arts and crafts, campfires.  She’s going to have a blast. 

I may have blogged about this before, but Vera is drawing people.  It’s awesome to watch. 

Scott took the girls to BounceU today.  It’s an indoor space filled with slides and moon bounce things.  Abby wore her self out there.  Scott said Vera took a while to warm up to the place.  Towards the end, she was going down the little slide with Scott and Scott got her to bounce a bit.  I’m thinking she was feeling a little intimidated by the hugeness of the place if that makes sense.  Anyways, we’ve got kids yoga in the morning.  Vera has yet to join in on the class.  She sits behind the curtain and watches all the other kids.  It’s a great class and I love it because they both can take it at the same time.  
Green Tea Girasol 3.6 new weave.  A shorty with a lot of love. :)

Vera let me French braid her hair.  The right side is kind of messy because she kept trying to look at Abby.  

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Amy D. said...

Stop making me want a rabbit! LOL I think you need to add a house duck to the mix to complete the picture ;)