Saturday, February 20, 2010

An update on Marge’s free roaming.  It’s going beautifully.  She actually stays in her ‘home base’ area more now that the ex-pen is gone.  Marge hasn’t destroyed anything of importance- like furniture.  The key is for her to have lots and lots of natural wood to chew on and old t-shirts and blankets to dig in and she’s satisfied.  The apple tree sticks and untreated wicker are heaven for her.  Cleaning her area is super fast.  New newspaper in the bottom of the litter/hay box and vacuum her rugs and I’m done. 

We’re all feeling much much better now.  Thank goodness!  I went to work today and it felt great to be away from the house for the day.  I’ve been cooped up inside for too long!  Usually, I’m all about winter.  I love winter.  Cold and snowy.  Sledding and ice skating.  But this year, winter is dragging on and on.  I feel myself getting anxious for spring.  It’s the combination of being inside too long and the hassle with coats and winter gear.  I’m the bag lady.  I must look crazy with Vera in a carrier and all the crap I have to carry around.  Once we can be rid of the coats, traveling will be a breeze.  Please bring milder weather, March.  Please.

I tried a shorty wrap this evening.  3.6 Girasol.  I got a perfect ruck with it tied in front and the tails were just right.  For summer, I want to go the shorty route.  A double hammock in summer seems too hot.  Way too much fabric.  I showed Vera how to sit in a wrap so I can swing her.  Biggest mistake.  Every time I pull out a wrap she says, “Wrap baby up!  Swing!”  It’s great exercise, but so tiring. 

Vera held up three fingers and said, “Three!”  She had her thumb, pointer and middle finger up.  I held up my pointer, middle and ring finger and said, “Three.”  Vera grabbed my hand and put down my ring finger and pulled out my thumb and said, “No.  Three.”  Vera’s big into colors now.  We have lots of discussions about the different colors of things. 

Oh yeah, when I came home tonight, Scott and Abby showed me the science project they want to make.  I have no idea how this all came about.  They want to make a model of the interior of the Earth.  By all means go ahead.  But they both drew out different diagrams.  Scott drew your typical model of the Earth.  A sphere with wedges cut to show the different layers.  Abby drew two pictures on pink post-it notes.  One was labeled ‘Earth’ and was a circle with what I assume was land masses.  The second had the Earth with a sun and meteors hitting the Earth. 

One more thing before I forget, Vera drew people the other day!  I need to take pictures of them.  She drew a circle with two dots for eyes, a nose and mouth.  The arms and legs all came out of the head.  As she was drawing, Vera was telling me the part she was drawing.  I was in awe.  Vera is always very precise with her drawing.  There’s never huge scribbles to her pictures.  She likes small spirals and tight zig zag lines that resemble writing.

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