Friday, February 12, 2010

Vera’s sick.  She’s got a double ear infection, runny nose, fever.  The whole she-bang.  Tomorrow will be day three.  Her fever broke this morning, but was back around dinner time.  She was miserable and I gave her some Motrin to ease the ear and fever pain.  Abby’s got a runny nose and that’s about it.  Funny how the nursing toddler got the sickest.  So we half assed lessons on Thursday and watched “The Wizard of Oz” this morning.

It snowed a decent amount on Wednesday and the girls did get some decent snow play in.  Thursday was beautiful and we missed out on perfect sledding weather with the homeschool group.  Scott’s working this weekend.  Both days.  I have to miss work on Saturday and I’m bummed.  I so look forward to Saturdays.  I love them. 

Marge has discovered she can walk on on wood floors and not die.  She keeps investigating under our bed and coming out grey, covered in dust.  I took that as a sign I needed to vacuum under the bed.  I did and she’s still finding dust bunnies from somewhere.  Marge really is the best bunny.  Any rabbit who will sleep through a five year old playing with their tail is awesome.  Though don’t touch her veggies!  Marge made a mess of her dinner tonight and Vera, ever helpful, picked up the greens to put back on Marge’s plate and Marge growled between chomps.  Hilarious. 
I got my first Didy!  It’s beautiful.  A limited edition leaves, aka Blatter natur.  It has the slightest hint of green that runs through the leaves.  A double hammock carry feels perfect.  It’s not quite as soft as my Girasol peacock yet.  (- Just checked the Didymos website and saw the lilien rosenquarz.  I might be in love.)  Speaking of babywearing, Vera’s been going on my back!  Thank goodness!  Actually, I think she prefers wraps to Mei Tais.  I noticed she gets wedgies after being in a MT too long.  That's not the best photo.  I'll try to get a better action shot.

We’re still on a good streak with Vera.  No major issues leaving the house.  Still refuses undies, but she’ll wear tights under pants.  Works for me since it’s cold out.  Vera’s a hundred percent potty trained.  She hasn’t worn any kind of trainer since before November.  She did wear the Eca-pants a few nights several weeks ago when she had a bed wetting streak.  I wish I had Eca-pants from the get go.  Great little baby ec trainers. 

Scott made ramen tonight.  From scratch.  Well the noodles were store bought.  The broth was perfect.  Chicken, ginger, garlic.  A cold busting brew.  The soup had flat beans, carrots, chicken, nearly raw garlic slices, scallions and baby corn.  Baby corn wasn’t a huge hit.  Both girls didn’t like them.  Oh and there was hot chili oil too.  Seriously cold busting stuff.  It took him two days to make, but so worth the fuss.  Another biggie this week was a potato and leek cassoulet.  Homemade whole wheat biscuits on top! 
How to homeschool two kids :)

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