Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yesterday was wonderful.  The girls and I haven’t done any long day trips in so long, and honestly, I wouldn’t have gone if Scott didn’t push me to sign Abby up for more school type field trips.  We did the Trip to the Moon field trip at ANHM with the huge  homeschooling group I belong to.  Thanks to gracious friends, Abby was able to go see the moon movie in the planetarium while I looked at African animals with Vera.  After the movie, the kids roamed around in the space exhibits.  A bag lunch in the cafeteria followed by more roaming.  Around 12:30ish the kids were ready to run and we all walked to Central Park to play.  The weather couldn’t have been better.  Miss Vera thoroughly enjoyed the left over snow from the morning.  The girls and I headed home close to 2pm, and Vera napped on the subway home.  Perfect.  No tantrums.  Early day, and I had energy left over to cook.

I slowed math down this week.  Abby’s hit another wall.  Though I know this is her cycle.  She learns a bunch of new stuff, her brain kind of freezes, and then pow, it all clicks and we move on as before.  Abby needs to breathe.  It’s the 2 addition facts on top of learning how to count by even and odds that’s got her all mixed up.  So we’re doing the math meeting with the problem flash cards and repeating some worksheets.  Nothing new this week.  She’s officially half way through Saxon math 1.  I’d really like to be done with it by the end of July.  Hopefully. 
Vera can count to ten if I count with her.  I had no idea she could until I saw Scott sitting at the table with her counting.  Vera has a bad case of the whys.  Why?  Why, Mommy?  She seems to little to be asking me why all the time.  Vera’s growing up too fast!  She drew nipples and a belly button on the fairy.  :)

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