Friday, March 12, 2010

Abby is seriously coming along in reading!  She's still doing a lesson a day from OPGTR and I've started to include Bob Books in the mix.  She's reading the Bob Books with little help from me.  So exciting!  I think we'll be ready for First Language Lessons and the writing primer when first grade rolls around.  We're past the half way point in Math One.  It's the home stretch now.  Abby's nearly finished her handwriting book.  There's two ways to go once this book is done, cursive or more printing practice.  I'm going to do another book of printing.  Abby's handwriting has come a LONG way.  I look at the work she did several months ago compared to now, and there's a HUGE difference.  I don't feel we're ready for cursive just yet.

Scott's working all this weekend, which really sucks.  I don't mind him working late over the work week, but him  working the weekend blows.  I don't get to work, which means I don't get paid and we never see each other.  Am I really that old fashioned that I think people should work normal working hours and come home to their families leaving their work at work?  I don't think anybody should be bullying employees for wanting to spend time with their families.  Poo Poo on them.

We're taking a very long trip to MD at the end of March and early April.  I'm already planning train activities. I do not want a repeat or our last Amtrak ride.

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Emily said...

Cool about the reading. Seems so weird to me that she's almost reading and we're in such a different place. It's cool tho!

Train - what worked for us on our flight to israel was wiki stix, Frog & Toad on ipod, lots of paper and crayons. and lots of easy-to-eat, high protein food ;)