Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And so another cycle starts. 

Vera's tantrums are back, but not as fierce as they once were, or maybe I'm better at dealing with them.  She gets upset, pulls her clothes off, and pushes me away.  That's the hardest part.  The pushing away.  Vera prefers to scream alone for about five minutes then asks to nurse or she needs a cuddle.  I thought the angry door slamming phase didn't start until the teens.  So we're also back to clothing issues.  Everything is either too big or too tight.  But, she will get dressed if we're going somewhere, thank goodness!  I got to ride out this cycle and before I know it, we'll be breezing along again. 

Abby has turned into a kid.  She really looks like a kid and not a little preschooler anymore.  She's an amazing girl and I'm blown away by her every day.  Abby can read.  She really can, but she hasn't made the connection that she can read whatever she wants.  Abby can easily read a Bob Book and words I write on the board, but if she asks me to read her something and I ask if she can read it first, she'll say she can't read it, when I know she can.  I'm sure one day it will all click and Abby will be reading chapter books.


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Charlotte said...

Olivia is doing the same thing that Abby is doing with the reading. In school she has to take AR tests and she for the longest time didn't feel like telling the teacher the right word when we all knew she knew it. I know that one day too it will click and Olivia will be reading with no help at all.