Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I need to charge the camera battery.  I haven't taken pictures in weeks.

Miss Marge was running down our hallway and passed the bathroom at the exact same time I tossed a towel out and it landed right on top of her.  We both scared the crap out of each other.  Marge now has full run of the house.  She tends to follow us from room to room.  I was able to trim the nails on her front paws today, but I'm a little nervous about the back paws.  Those back legs can kick!

Vera's play is so different from Abby's.  Abby's play is big and loud and she isn't into playing with figures or toys.  The play is mostly in her head and acted out.  Vera LOVES little figures.  Really, anything that is little she'll enjoy.  Animals, cars, people.  Throw a house or any kind of structure into the mix and she'll play quietly forever.  At work, there's this pirate ship that she literally played with all day Saturday.

Scott has been working like a dog.  He seriously gets taken advantage of at work.  I'm planning on having a relaxing weekend.  No big outings.  No errands.

 I'm not as burnt out with lessons as I was back in November.  I feel like we've got this great groove going.  Abby keeps asking when it's time for break.  She knows we're going down to MD at the end of March and then she'll have a month off.  Abby's ready for a break.

I took the girls to the park for the afternoon.  They played with a group of kids on the hill.  The kids were all about three years old and Abby was in heaven bossing them around.  The mothers were not quite my cup of tea, but I tried to mingle.  At least the girls came home wicked tired and covered in dirt.

I'm on a hunt for a bike for Abby.  The 20 inch bike in the basement is still too big.  Abby saw this bumble bee bike at the bike shop and has been bugging me about it for months.  It's way too expensive.  I'll see if I can find something similar.

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