Sunday, March 28, 2010

This school block is winding down.  Monday and Tuesday I'm planning on doing a math drill sheet, a handwriting page, and a reading lesson.  The next math lesson is introducing a new concept and I don't want to start anything new before our month break.  Wednesday we head out to MD.

Vera has been taking such late naps.  4 pm to 6 pm.  Abby did this too at this age, but then I could sleep in with her in the mornings.  I'm being tag teamed!  Up late with one and up early with the other.  This must be the slow progression to no naps.

Scott starts a new job in two weeks!  We're SO happy.  He's happy!  Scott loved working for the Marriott.  The Marriott treated him with respect, the benefits were great, and the people amazing.  Then he gets laid off, and picked up by the new company moving in, and it's been nothing but stress, working tons of overtime, pay cuts, and crap health care.

I need to get the house in order before we leave.  Scott is taking care of Marge while I'm gone.  I don't think he realizes I clean her hay/litter box every other day.  I'm sure I'll hear complaints.  ;)  


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