Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yesterday, I was having a conversation about paddling in schools.  Did you know that paddling is still allowed in 22 states??  Absolutely sickening.  And of course, Texas paddles the most.  Hmm, think there's a correlation between their spanking and death penalties?  So in the same vein, I was told about the Pearls and could not believe what I was hearing, and I checked them out online.  Seriously sick.  Their message makes my skin crawl and makes me want to puke.  The way he calls the kids 'butterflies' and then whaps them with a belt is horrific.  It's sad how many parents follow this, and children have died from this 'advice'.  I won't even call it advice, it's child abuse pure and simple.  I don't care if it's written in the bible.  Nothing written in any religion should be taken literally.  So a few 'gems' from the Pearls, spanking a 7 MONTH old with a rolled up pillowcase for crying, using a belt to spank a two year old for opening and closing a door.  Wow, I'm sure your god is so proud of you.  There's a special place in hell for these people, and I hope their devil whaps them with plumbing tubing until they stop screaming.  Any parent that spanks a child needs counseling, in my opinion.

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Amy D. said...

I first heard of the Pearl books on MDC, I think. Disgusting. If it's any gratification, if you look them up on internet bookstores, the reviews are pretty scathing. Most people do not believe that beating children is okay and are very appalled by what the Pearls advocate. They are truly truly sick. And if anyone places their hand on my child, I will "place" my hands on them.