Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our last week until lessons start again!  Friday, we're spending the afternoon at Coney Island.  Email me if you want to join us!  I'm hoping to get a small group of homeschoolers together to play.  

The past two days, I've had Vera pick out her own clothes and she's actually gotten dressed!  Still won't wear undies, but we haven't struggled over pants in 48 hours.

Vera is on a Cinderella kick.  Every morning she wakes up and asks to watch Cinderella.  It's gotten to the point where Abby is annoyed by the movie.  It's like part of her morning wake up routine.  Adults need coffee.  Vera needs her Cinderella.  She lays on the couch with her eyes half open slowly eating breakfast and watching the movie.  Well, the upside is that I can get everything done that I need to in the morning while she's on the couch.  The downside is she's watching tv every morning.

Abby made a first aid kit in Girl Scouts last night.  She LOVES that box of supplies.  Most of this morning was spent rearranging the contents and making piles of bandaids.  The tweezers were a big hit too.  

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Since the weather has warmed up, I’ve been taking the girls to the beach at least once a week.  Time flies at the beach and it wears them out. 

Our slow cooker journey is still in full swing.  I love it!  It’s great to come home to a fully cooked meal from scratch with out hours of cooking!  The pot roast I made was to die for and the girls ate everything.

Vera and I had a whole conversation about what she did yesterday while I was at work.  Here’s our conversation.

Me: What did you do today?
Vera: Daddy Abby Me go park.
Me: Did you swing?
Vera: Yes! Swing up to sky.
Me: Up to the sky so high?
Vera: Yes. So high!
Me: Did you slide?
Vera: Yes. Daddy helped me.
Me: What else did you do?
Vera: Me had ice cream!
Me: Ice cream!?
Vera: Yes! Daddy Abby Me had ice cream!
Me: In a cone or a cup?
Vera: In a cone!  Ice cream!
Me: What did you eat for dinner?
Vera: Peas!

Scott told me later they did not have ice cream, but every else was true.  On the way to the park, Vera fell face first out of the stroller.  I told Scott this day was coming.  Vera refuses to wear the seatbelt.  She fells too constricted.  Anyways, she’s now got a scrapped up nose. 

We start lessons again on May 3rd.  Scott got a printer, copier, and scanner in one.  He can’t copy my worksheets at work anymore, and now I don’t have to rely on him to make the copies.  I’m itching to get started again.  I love the three month on one month off cycle we got going.  It’s perfect.

Scott’s schedule has been interesting.  More and more he just falls asleep in Abby’s room and I go get him once Vera’s asleep.  He has to get up so early!  Scott was up at 2:30 am to be at work by 4:30 am Friday morning.  I’m slowly moving up our dinner times so our evenings are early and everyone can get enough sleep.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm guessing this is a petty thing to complain about, but it's my blog, so whatever.  Does anyone else get sad when they see pictures of people's baby rooms?  You know the kind where the room has been painted a pastel color and there in center space is the huge enormous crib with the crib quilt draped over the side?  Those pictures seriously annoy me.  I guess people really do put tiny little babes in big cribs alone in a room.  What a waste of money, that could have been such an awesome playroom!  WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE NOT CO-SLEEPING??!!  Ugg.  It makes me want to scream and hope that if parents do practice cry it out there's a special room where they will be forced to cry it out and no one will come to hold them close.  Oh wait, isn't that called hell?
Vera and I had a rough time today.  It's been awhile since I lost my cool during one of Vera's melt downs.  It was so stupid.  Vera napped at noon and woke up with plenty of time for us all to get to the Gardens.  Everything was all set.  Vera did not want to leave the bed or put on clothes of any type.  Her usual melt down routine.  I could feel my frustration rising and I was biting my lip.  So not a good sign.  Though there’s nothing much to do except ride it out with Vera once she gets going.  What set her off was when I said it was time to put on pants to go out.  Raptor screams followed!  I was upset about being inside all day on such a beautiful day.  After an hour she calmed down and picked out pj bottoms to wear outside, and we did make it to the Gardens two hours late.  Vera totally sensed I was pissed and tense and I kept reminding my self I was being stupid.  There’s going to be a thousand more beautiful days like this one soon enough.  But it’s April and wonderfully warm days can be intoxicating and tempting.  After the Gardens, we played out front a bit then went in for homemade pizza and a movie.

Vera asked for a glass of milk at dinner tonight.  A strange request in our house.  Scott bought a small thing of cow milk for his oatmeal and I gave a tiny bit to Vera.  It was her first glass of cow’s milk I think.  After tasting it she said, “I don’t like.  Ewww.”  And part of me thought, you go girl!  Milk is gross.   

My new favorite kitchen appliance- the crock pot.  I made split pea soup and it was delightful!  Split peas, a ham hock bones and all, carrots, onions, celery, garlic, parsley.  It’s much easier to cook in the morning when the girls are less needy of my attention, then in the evening when they are tired and hungry!  Plus I had no huge mountain of dishes to wash.  Scott has a roast planned for Thursday.  I hope it goes as great as the split pea soup.  I don’t want my slow cooker bubble of love to burst. 
Scott and I are pretty sure Abby has post nasal drip and that’s why she keeps making that noise with her throat.  I’ve grown used to it, and when I do notice her making the noise more than usual and ask her if she needs water, Abby says she’s fine.  Vera’s eyes have been red too.  The pollen must be really strong this year.      

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How and why does my house get trashed in one day?!  Ugg.  It was clean and then a neighbor brought the girls some hand me down costumes and, well, there was an explosion in the play room that spilled over to the living room.

Scott started his new job on Monday.  He loves it.  Our only issue is the very early mornings.  He has to be up at 4:30 am.  Sooo, I’ve got to push all our evening routines up.  We’re used to late dinners and semi late bedtimes.  Abby can be in bed by 8, but she’s got the whole reading thing and then Scott has to sit out front her door until she falls asleep.  That whole mess takes about an hour and then Scott’s ready for bed.  Vera isn’t ready to sleep until 11 or so.  Somewhere I need to fit in an hour for just Scott and I to decompress.  I notice it wears on us when we don’t get that ‘down time’ where there’s no kids involved.  Plus I would like to catch up on Lost and Curb Your Enthusiasm. ;) 

Vera talks a lot.  A lot.  My mother said Vera doesn’t talk in sentences, she talks in paragraphs.  She also repeats things and I have to watch what I say around her.  Reading books with Vera is a completely different experience.  She likes to listen and will occasionally repeat what I say if the book is simply worded.  Then she’ll take the book and read it to herself.  Most of the books we own she can summarize while looking at the pictures.  I swear Vera will be reading sooner rather than later.

Marge is happy we’re back.  The little queen.  We got her a basket of toys as a make up present.  I finally found a woman who makes awesome rabbit toys.  I could totally make them myself, but that would require time and resources I don’t have at the minute.  I was giving Marge her evening greens in the kitchen and Scott says he’s a rabbit person!  I have to admit I was relieved.  I was so worried he’d find some fault with the rabbit and complain, but he genuinely likes Marge.  He said rabbits are awesome pets.  They don’t smell, they’re clean, and they don’t bother you too much.  My neighbor and her kids who took care of Marge for the week fell in love with her too.  She’s a sweetie.

That picture of Vera and the huge rabbit was at Clark's Elioak Farm.   That was one giant rabbit in one small sorry wire cage with no timothy hay or place to hide.  Scott and I were appalled at how poorly the rabbits were cared for.  All the other animals seemed well cared for.  What the hell?!    

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm having picture posting issues, so- the top photo is Abby at Fort Henry on the Patapsco.  Then Scott on an old canon.  Next is Vera at Clark's Elioak Farm.  Lastly, all dressed up for a wedding.
We had a fabulous time in MD.  The best surprise was when Scott called me while I was on the train and said his ex-boss sent him home and said he didn’t have to finish out his two weeks but he’d still get paid.  Finally, those guys did something right even if it was out of fear that Scott would walk with clients.  Scott followed us down to MD on Friday and stayed the whole week with us.  A nice mini-vacation before he starts his new job on Monday.  We dined, shopped, and played all week.  The girls were in grandparent heaven the entire time.   And Scott grew a beard.

The train rides went well.  I planned out the ride down there perfectly.  I had Red Cap take us down to the train and help us get situated.  The girls colored until we got out of the tunnel and then we lunched.  We read books and colored some more until we got to Philly.  Once the train left the Philly station, I pulled out my secret weapon- mini princess dolls.  Totally toxic but lots of fun.  Oh my god Abby and Vera were in complete bliss for the rest of the train ride.  Coming back, I did the same thing.  I picked up Polly Pockets for the girls and once we got to Philly, I surprised them.  Philly seems to be the point in the trip where the girls are starting to get bored and restless.  Anyways, I probably started a precedent for train rides, but it was worth it. 

And it’s April and no school for the rest of the month.  :)

Maybe it’s the pollen bothering Abby, but she keeps making this soft ‘eh’ sound every few minutes.  Like she’s trying to clear her throat.  Abby says she’s fine, and water doesn’t seem to make it stop.