Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How and why does my house get trashed in one day?!  Ugg.  It was clean and then a neighbor brought the girls some hand me down costumes and, well, there was an explosion in the play room that spilled over to the living room.

Scott started his new job on Monday.  He loves it.  Our only issue is the very early mornings.  He has to be up at 4:30 am.  Sooo, I’ve got to push all our evening routines up.  We’re used to late dinners and semi late bedtimes.  Abby can be in bed by 8, but she’s got the whole reading thing and then Scott has to sit out front her door until she falls asleep.  That whole mess takes about an hour and then Scott’s ready for bed.  Vera isn’t ready to sleep until 11 or so.  Somewhere I need to fit in an hour for just Scott and I to decompress.  I notice it wears on us when we don’t get that ‘down time’ where there’s no kids involved.  Plus I would like to catch up on Lost and Curb Your Enthusiasm. ;) 

Vera talks a lot.  A lot.  My mother said Vera doesn’t talk in sentences, she talks in paragraphs.  She also repeats things and I have to watch what I say around her.  Reading books with Vera is a completely different experience.  She likes to listen and will occasionally repeat what I say if the book is simply worded.  Then she’ll take the book and read it to herself.  Most of the books we own she can summarize while looking at the pictures.  I swear Vera will be reading sooner rather than later.

Marge is happy we’re back.  The little queen.  We got her a basket of toys as a make up present.  I finally found a woman who makes awesome rabbit toys.  I could totally make them myself, but that would require time and resources I don’t have at the minute.  I was giving Marge her evening greens in the kitchen and Scott says he’s a rabbit person!  I have to admit I was relieved.  I was so worried he’d find some fault with the rabbit and complain, but he genuinely likes Marge.  He said rabbits are awesome pets.  They don’t smell, they’re clean, and they don’t bother you too much.  My neighbor and her kids who took care of Marge for the week fell in love with her too.  She’s a sweetie.

That picture of Vera and the huge rabbit was at Clark's Elioak Farm.   That was one giant rabbit in one small sorry wire cage with no timothy hay or place to hide.  Scott and I were appalled at how poorly the rabbits were cared for.  All the other animals seemed well cared for.  What the hell?!    

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