Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vera and I had a rough time today.  It's been awhile since I lost my cool during one of Vera's melt downs.  It was so stupid.  Vera napped at noon and woke up with plenty of time for us all to get to the Gardens.  Everything was all set.  Vera did not want to leave the bed or put on clothes of any type.  Her usual melt down routine.  I could feel my frustration rising and I was biting my lip.  So not a good sign.  Though there’s nothing much to do except ride it out with Vera once she gets going.  What set her off was when I said it was time to put on pants to go out.  Raptor screams followed!  I was upset about being inside all day on such a beautiful day.  After an hour she calmed down and picked out pj bottoms to wear outside, and we did make it to the Gardens two hours late.  Vera totally sensed I was pissed and tense and I kept reminding my self I was being stupid.  There’s going to be a thousand more beautiful days like this one soon enough.  But it’s April and wonderfully warm days can be intoxicating and tempting.  After the Gardens, we played out front a bit then went in for homemade pizza and a movie.

Vera asked for a glass of milk at dinner tonight.  A strange request in our house.  Scott bought a small thing of cow milk for his oatmeal and I gave a tiny bit to Vera.  It was her first glass of cow’s milk I think.  After tasting it she said, “I don’t like.  Ewww.”  And part of me thought, you go girl!  Milk is gross.   

My new favorite kitchen appliance- the crock pot.  I made split pea soup and it was delightful!  Split peas, a ham hock bones and all, carrots, onions, celery, garlic, parsley.  It’s much easier to cook in the morning when the girls are less needy of my attention, then in the evening when they are tired and hungry!  Plus I had no huge mountain of dishes to wash.  Scott has a roast planned for Thursday.  I hope it goes as great as the split pea soup.  I don’t want my slow cooker bubble of love to burst. 
Scott and I are pretty sure Abby has post nasal drip and that’s why she keeps making that noise with her throat.  I’ve grown used to it, and when I do notice her making the noise more than usual and ask her if she needs water, Abby says she’s fine.  Vera’s eyes have been red too.  The pollen must be really strong this year.      

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