Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm having picture posting issues, so- the top photo is Abby at Fort Henry on the Patapsco.  Then Scott on an old canon.  Next is Vera at Clark's Elioak Farm.  Lastly, all dressed up for a wedding.
We had a fabulous time in MD.  The best surprise was when Scott called me while I was on the train and said his ex-boss sent him home and said he didn’t have to finish out his two weeks but he’d still get paid.  Finally, those guys did something right even if it was out of fear that Scott would walk with clients.  Scott followed us down to MD on Friday and stayed the whole week with us.  A nice mini-vacation before he starts his new job on Monday.  We dined, shopped, and played all week.  The girls were in grandparent heaven the entire time.   And Scott grew a beard.

The train rides went well.  I planned out the ride down there perfectly.  I had Red Cap take us down to the train and help us get situated.  The girls colored until we got out of the tunnel and then we lunched.  We read books and colored some more until we got to Philly.  Once the train left the Philly station, I pulled out my secret weapon- mini princess dolls.  Totally toxic but lots of fun.  Oh my god Abby and Vera were in complete bliss for the rest of the train ride.  Coming back, I did the same thing.  I picked up Polly Pockets for the girls and once we got to Philly, I surprised them.  Philly seems to be the point in the trip where the girls are starting to get bored and restless.  Anyways, I probably started a precedent for train rides, but it was worth it. 

And it’s April and no school for the rest of the month.  :)

Maybe it’s the pollen bothering Abby, but she keeps making this soft ‘eh’ sound every few minutes.  Like she’s trying to clear her throat.  Abby says she’s fine, and water doesn’t seem to make it stop.

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