Friday, May 28, 2010

It was parent observation week in Abby's ballet class and acting class.  I adore her teachers, and Abby loves them.  Abby was way too excited to have us in her class, and had some trouble focusing.  Oh, those girls oozed cuteness!  I'll post photos once I upload them.  Acting was hilarious.  The kids were having trouble thinking on the spot with all the parents watching.  They did perform a quick skit they made up last week.  An interesting thing I noticed about how Abby acts in both classes.  In ballet she's one of the oldest and she kept giggling and goofing off with the other girls.  In acting she's on the younger side and was more reserved since she was following the older ones.  I'm glad her school doesn't do performances.  It's all about the art and how to express yourself through dance.  As the kids get older, they can decide as a group to do a performance and what costumes to wear, etc.  There's no pressure.  And because there's no school performance, there's more time to focus on learning rather than spending class time to learn a routine.  Anyways, very cool and Abby can't wait to start classes again next fall.

Since Abby and I started the second section in OPGTR over again, sounding out words is starting to click.  Oh how we struggled and trudged through!  Abby's got this whole routine when her lessons get tough, and I can't help smiling although some days it's annoying.  The drama!  She starts to complain her eyes hurt and she rubs them, she's hungry, she's too tired to sit up in her chair, she needs a new pencil.  I know how she feels, because I used to do the same thing.  But the material is sinking in and she's actually reading more and more.  I set the Bob Books aside months ago because she was memorizing them and using the pictures to decode the sentences.  She wasn't actually reading them.  OPGTR teaches reading without pictures so all the focus is on the words.  We've got 36 more math lessons.  Nine more weeks if we keep with four lessons a week.  I don't think we'll finish by the end of July.

The beach is calling us today...

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Amy D. said...

I always have to be very careful to never read Riley her books, otherwise she'll memorize them. With the BOB books, she does memorize them pretty quickly, but at least it's based on her own work, rather than on my reading. The BOB books have a very small window of usefulness. I try to snag them at the library, or buy with a 40% off Borders coupon. Otherwise, it's not worth it.

If you Google free printable readers, you'll find tons that can be printed out. is great and has some printable readers.