Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPhoto is acting wonky, and so no photos.

Abby started Section Three (consonant blends) in OPGTR.  She's starting to read well, and I can see it all starting to click.  So awesome.  For the first time, I skipped a lesson in math.  I didn't have a gallon, or quart, or pint containers on hand and I forgot to get some.  We're more than half way through this school block.  I think we'll be done Kindergarten in July.  Which reminds me, I need to write our letter of intent to homeschool for the board of ed.

Vera's naps are all over the place again.  I was seriously enjoying her morning naps.  She'll either skip her nap, or fall asleep around 3 and be up until 11.  Come back morning naps!  :)

Today, the three of us were sitting on the couch in the playroom, and Abby was reading her reading lesson aloud to me.  Vera was nursing and popped up and started pointing to random words and making the sounds of letters.  I asked her if she wanted a lesson, and she said yes.  She did the first lesson in OPGTR.  It was quite funny and there were tons of giggles and yelling of the short vowel sound of a.

I took the girls to pier 6, and we had a blast.  Everyone was soaked.  The downside of that park is the lack of shade.  Once all the trees have matured I'm sure there will be tons of places to rest in the shade.  The girls were ready to go home after only two hours.

Friday, June 18, 2010

We got through the super long reading lesson, and then I started section two over again.  On Monday, we'll do the last lesson in section two and then move onto consonant blends.  Abby's really grasping reading now, and I feel confident starting with First Language Lessons and Writing With Ease in the fall.  26 more lessons until we finish Math 1.

Abby took a horrible face plant on the sidewalk out front of our house.  I didn't see her fall, but I heard her scream and when I saw her all I saw was blood.  She was running around with the kids on our block and tripped, face first.  Abby has never fallen like that before.  Her chest and shoulder both had scrapes.  Her face was a huge scrape up the left side.  The worst cut was above her upper lip that extended into her nose.  The cuts under eye didn't go into her eye- thank goodness.  Her mouth had scrapes inside the lower lip.  Nothing but blood from her mouth and upper lip.  She looked like she had been in a car accident or a nasty bar fight.  THEN, Vera took a spill down the cement steps up to our house.  She tumbled, or rather flipped, down the last four.  Our neighbor caught her before she hit the ground.  So Vera had a scrape on the right side of her face that went from her cheek over her eye to her forehead.  These girls!

I got Abby a 20in pedal bike today.  She's in heaven.  We walked the bike we found down to the bike shop and it wasn't worth it to fix.  The first few times on the bike, she was nervous, but her confidence is growing by the minute.  I was unsure about going with the 20in instead of the 16in, but the sales guy said it would be a bit big this summer and fit perfectly next summer.  She'd outgrow the 16in in one season.  So my little girl is growing up!  Her first pedal bike!

Vera's been a snuggle bug!  She constantly tells me she loves me and gives me the tightest hugs.  So much love in that little one!   

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The super long reading lesson got split up into two and I did the first half in the morning and the second half in the evening.  It's lesson 37 if anybody else is following The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading.  Once again I took Abby back to the beginning of section 2.  She's been reviewing two lessons a day.  Abby needs to feel confident before we can pass lesson 37.  And if you're following Saxon Math 1, Abby's on lesson 103.  These past few lessons have been short and sweet.

Abby likes to draw pictures and price them to sell.  The last time she drew a batch and set up outside it didn't go so well.  I guess not a lot of people want to pay $50 for a kid's drawing.  ;)  This time I suggested we do a lemonade stand along with selling her pictures.  We made the lemonade yesterday and I was going to set the girls up outside today, but it's raining.  The girls tried to squeeze five lemons, and I had to finish squeezing the rest of the lemons.  My hands smelled of lemon for hours afterwards.  And since it's raining today, we baked pumpkin oatmeal cookies.  The girls were struggling over who got to pour what, so I gave Vera a bowl and she made her own batch of 'cookies' while Abby and I made the cookies.  I'm going to do that every time we bake.  Vera had a blast mixing all kinds of stuff together.  Too bad her concoction was inedible.

Vera doesn't want her hair to get wet.  So this poses a problem.  I can't rinse her hair out.  I could care less about shampooing it.  I gave up on that over a year ago, but the dirt that's building up on her scalp needs to be rubbed and rinsed out.  It's gross.  Vera screams like I'm pouring acid over her hair when I try to rinse it or even just playing with her hair gets her in a tizzy.  It needs to be washed, and the girls are in the tub now, and before they come out, Vera's getting her head scrubbed.

And a side note, Vera counted to 8 all by herself.  Her favorite game of the week is hide and seek, and she's a great hiding buddy.  She doesn't giggle and takes her hiding seriously!  Vera's the biggest love bug on the planet!  She'll wrap her arms around my neck and say, "My mommy!"  

Oh wow!  Vera is letting Abby wash her hair!  Score for big sisters!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Abby marching in the Memorial Day Parade
The girls and Scott waiting for the train to go to the Memorial Day Parade.
The girls eating a snack at the end of the parade.
Monday, Abby has a longer than usual reading lesson.  It covers three letter words with short vowel sounds a, e, and i.  OPGTR says to keep repeating the past three lessons until I feel Abby has mastered those sounds before moving on.  She’s been doing well with the reading lately and starting to recognize words in the world.  So very cool.  We are close to being done with Math 1.  No matter when we finish it, I’m still going to take a few weeks off before starting Math 2. 

Vera’s not feeling well today.  She said her tummy hurt and she laid down for a nap without nursing.  Scott and I are trying really hard to keep everyone healthy.  Health insurance through his work is too expensive for us to afford, so we are without.  Supposedly by September, his company will have new insurance with lower payments and better plans.  It’s maddening that Scott works his ass off and we can’t afford health insurance.  Where is universal healthcare?? 

The oil spill in the Gulf is depressing.  I can’t look at the pictures anymore, and I can only stand to read the headlines and hear updates from Scott.  I don’t understand how people can destroy the Earth for money.  Don’t CEOs that work for the likes of BP and other horrible companies have kids and family that will need a clean safe place to live eventually??  That’s what I can’t comprehend.  How people can’t think about the consequences of their actions on future generations.  It’s appalling.

Vera counted to ten with a little help from me.  She got to five on her own and I prompted her six and seven and she got the rest of the numbers to ten.  Vera was counting all the animals in Goodnight Gorilla. 

We’re staying close to home for the next two weeks.  I might take the girls on a few explorations around Ft Hamilton and Bay Ridge.  Maybe take a walk down 8th Ave to see the fish markets and get red bean buns from the bakery.  Abby’s classes are finished and I have no desire to ride the subway into Manhattan right now. 

Abby got all her Daisy petals!  And she got her first journey patch.  She completed the Daisy journey, The Flower Garden.  The girl was sooo happy about those petals!  Her troop had an end of the year party and ceremony.  Oh and the biggest highlight for Abby was marching in the Memorial Day Parade!  The smile on her face!  Although right before the girls started walking, Abby was holding her troop’s banner and, I guess all the excitement and drums beating, she started to cry.  I told her she didn’t have to hold the banner if she didn’t want to and I was walking with her.  She ended up holding her leader’s hand for the first quarter of the parade and then Abby relaxed and enjoyed herself.  Miss Vera stayed on my back for the entire parade!  That had to be the longest time I’ve carried her in months. 

It looks like it’s going to storm...