Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPhoto is acting wonky, and so no photos.

Abby started Section Three (consonant blends) in OPGTR.  She's starting to read well, and I can see it all starting to click.  So awesome.  For the first time, I skipped a lesson in math.  I didn't have a gallon, or quart, or pint containers on hand and I forgot to get some.  We're more than half way through this school block.  I think we'll be done Kindergarten in July.  Which reminds me, I need to write our letter of intent to homeschool for the board of ed.

Vera's naps are all over the place again.  I was seriously enjoying her morning naps.  She'll either skip her nap, or fall asleep around 3 and be up until 11.  Come back morning naps!  :)

Today, the three of us were sitting on the couch in the playroom, and Abby was reading her reading lesson aloud to me.  Vera was nursing and popped up and started pointing to random words and making the sounds of letters.  I asked her if she wanted a lesson, and she said yes.  She did the first lesson in OPGTR.  It was quite funny and there were tons of giggles and yelling of the short vowel sound of a.

I took the girls to pier 6, and we had a blast.  Everyone was soaked.  The downside of that park is the lack of shade.  Once all the trees have matured I'm sure there will be tons of places to rest in the shade.  The girls were ready to go home after only two hours.

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Amy D. said...

The morning nap is gone. Don't call to it, it can't hear you.