Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The super long reading lesson got split up into two and I did the first half in the morning and the second half in the evening.  It's lesson 37 if anybody else is following The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading.  Once again I took Abby back to the beginning of section 2.  She's been reviewing two lessons a day.  Abby needs to feel confident before we can pass lesson 37.  And if you're following Saxon Math 1, Abby's on lesson 103.  These past few lessons have been short and sweet.

Abby likes to draw pictures and price them to sell.  The last time she drew a batch and set up outside it didn't go so well.  I guess not a lot of people want to pay $50 for a kid's drawing.  ;)  This time I suggested we do a lemonade stand along with selling her pictures.  We made the lemonade yesterday and I was going to set the girls up outside today, but it's raining.  The girls tried to squeeze five lemons, and I had to finish squeezing the rest of the lemons.  My hands smelled of lemon for hours afterwards.  And since it's raining today, we baked pumpkin oatmeal cookies.  The girls were struggling over who got to pour what, so I gave Vera a bowl and she made her own batch of 'cookies' while Abby and I made the cookies.  I'm going to do that every time we bake.  Vera had a blast mixing all kinds of stuff together.  Too bad her concoction was inedible.

Vera doesn't want her hair to get wet.  So this poses a problem.  I can't rinse her hair out.  I could care less about shampooing it.  I gave up on that over a year ago, but the dirt that's building up on her scalp needs to be rubbed and rinsed out.  It's gross.  Vera screams like I'm pouring acid over her hair when I try to rinse it or even just playing with her hair gets her in a tizzy.  It needs to be washed, and the girls are in the tub now, and before they come out, Vera's getting her head scrubbed.

And a side note, Vera counted to 8 all by herself.  Her favorite game of the week is hide and seek, and she's a great hiding buddy.  She doesn't giggle and takes her hiding seriously!  Vera's the biggest love bug on the planet!  She'll wrap her arms around my neck and say, "My mommy!"  

Oh wow!  Vera is letting Abby wash her hair!  Score for big sisters!

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