Friday, June 18, 2010

We got through the super long reading lesson, and then I started section two over again.  On Monday, we'll do the last lesson in section two and then move onto consonant blends.  Abby's really grasping reading now, and I feel confident starting with First Language Lessons and Writing With Ease in the fall.  26 more lessons until we finish Math 1.

Abby took a horrible face plant on the sidewalk out front of our house.  I didn't see her fall, but I heard her scream and when I saw her all I saw was blood.  She was running around with the kids on our block and tripped, face first.  Abby has never fallen like that before.  Her chest and shoulder both had scrapes.  Her face was a huge scrape up the left side.  The worst cut was above her upper lip that extended into her nose.  The cuts under eye didn't go into her eye- thank goodness.  Her mouth had scrapes inside the lower lip.  Nothing but blood from her mouth and upper lip.  She looked like she had been in a car accident or a nasty bar fight.  THEN, Vera took a spill down the cement steps up to our house.  She tumbled, or rather flipped, down the last four.  Our neighbor caught her before she hit the ground.  So Vera had a scrape on the right side of her face that went from her cheek over her eye to her forehead.  These girls!

I got Abby a 20in pedal bike today.  She's in heaven.  We walked the bike we found down to the bike shop and it wasn't worth it to fix.  The first few times on the bike, she was nervous, but her confidence is growing by the minute.  I was unsure about going with the 20in instead of the 16in, but the sales guy said it would be a bit big this summer and fit perfectly next summer.  She'd outgrow the 16in in one season.  So my little girl is growing up!  Her first pedal bike!

Vera's been a snuggle bug!  She constantly tells me she loves me and gives me the tightest hugs.  So much love in that little one!   


Amy D. said...

Yeah, for a 5.5yo, I think the 20in is best. The 16in would last for a hot second only. Riley has the 18in size. Not that it matters since it's laying in the garage gathering dust. This is the summer of rollerblading/rollerskating in our neighborhood.

And nothing sucks more than seeing your kid's FACE covered in blood. It sucks hard!

Emily said...

Hope Abby feels better today!