Thursday, July 15, 2010

iPhoto is still not working.  Scott thinks it's a space issue.  We need an external hard drive for storage.  All of our photos are taking up almost the whole computer.  Plus Scott has a ton of music and movies.  I hope it works.  I even tried reinstalling iLife.  If it doesn't the iMac is going to the Genius Bar.

The girls and I have been busy.  So busy in fact, that I'm finding it hard to fit in lessons.  NINE lessons left and it's only math.  We can do this!  :)

My 29th birthday was yesterday.  My last year in my twenties.  I feel... the same.  I've always wanted to be thirty.  Kinda weird, huh?  Probably because my mother said I was born thirty.  Thirty is a nice number.  The majority of my friends are in their thirties.  Scott's 31.  I have high hopes for my thirtieth year.  It better rock.

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