Thursday, July 8, 2010

A new favorite dinner of ours is slutty beans made in the crock pot.  My cooking buddy coined the term.  Slutty beans are easy.  ;)  A half pound of dry beans is more than enough and leaves plenty for freezing.  I rinse the beans, then bring them to a boil for ten minutes, let them sit an hour, rinse again, throw them in the slow cooker with plenty of water for about five hours on low.  When they are done, drain beans and add chicken stock, fresh diced tomatoes and whatever veggies you want, plus chili powder, cumin and dried red pepper.  Eat with tortilla chips, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa and don't forget to sprinkle cheddar cheese on top.  It's a huge hit in our house.  Although Vera has trouble eating tortilla chips (she constantly chokes on them), so she eats it like a soup with toppings.

NINE more math lessons and we're done with Kindergarten.  NINE!  I might actually reach my goal of finishing before the end of July.  The math lessons seem really random to me.  It's like the authors want to cram in a bunch of little things before it's time to move on to Math 2.  Today Abby did learn how to add problems with three numbers.  Funny thing is, I remember a mother commenting that her first grade son in public school was just starting to add three numbers about three weeks ago.  I did give Abby a break from reading lessons.  I started section three over again and she was still having issues.  When Abby has issues with something it affects everything.  The reading was really challenging her and as a consequence, she was forgetting how to count, writing letters and numbers backwards, and being generally forgetful.  I'll start her again come Monday.  We will get through consonant blends!!

When Vera draws, she makes these little ones and zeros.  It almost looks like binary code all bunched together.  Kinda creepy in a way.  She's such a lovey.  So Vera's been wearing underwear again!  And pants!  There's been no real struggle over putting clothes on.  She'll strip naked after a tantrum, but I don't blame her.  It's like she has to shed her skin to feel good again.  Oh yeah, and she strips naked when she wakes up in the morning, which I find odd.  Abby and I are always kind of chilly when we wake up and layer clothes on.  Vera's like, yuck get these clothes that I slept in off me!

I took the girls to the pool for the first time on Wednesday.  It was turkey sandwich day for the free lunches.  The girls really look forward to getting a 'school lunch' when we go to the pool.  I didn't give them the milk, but they ate the corn and red pepper salad, oranges and turkey on whole wheat.  Vera surprised me at the pool.  She is not a fan of sprinklers.  She's a fan of water that doesn't get in her eyes.  The Red Hook baby pool has a gazillion sprinklers that can be hard to stay away from if it's windy.  They all spray into the pool.  Vera hardly complained and freaked out only the first time she felt the spray hit her.  Otherwise, she was walking on her hands and pretty much submerging her whole body.  My biggest beef with the pool this year is the changed hours.  Instead of closing between 3 and 4pm, they close between 2 and 3pm.  I'm guessing I should give the girls a big huge breakfast and get to the pool at 11 when it opens and swim until the girls get hungry for lunch then go home.   

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