Sunday, July 11, 2010

Today was a perfect day.  We went out for breakfast, came home and cleaned.  Vera took a nap and Scott did laundry.  When Vera woke up it was only 1:30, so we headed over to Pier 6.  Since it kept threatening rain, the park wasn't swarmed with people.  Abby was delighted to have Scott run through "the big kid" sprinklers with her.  Then we hit the swings and the big slides.  There was a mother there who was wearing her Ergo totally wrong and I felt compelled to help her.  It pains me when I see people wearing carriers wrong, because I know they are uncomfortable and won't continue babywearing.  Really, a Mei Tai would have been a better fit for her body type.  I did my best.

Oh my god, my life has changed.  I've gone through so many different brands of pads and what have you for my period to find something that wouldn't irritate me.  Organic, all natural, the mainstream brands.  All of it.  It got to the point that I would dread getting my period and not want to leave the house.  So I gave in and bought a Moon Cup, and oh my god.  I seriously feel free.  I keep telling Scott I should have gotten it years and years ago.  I thought it would be a disaster and messy and gross, but it's not.  It's cleaner than anything.  Anything.  And I wasn't grossed out.  I'm painless and frankly, because I feel better, I'm not grouchy.  :)  And it saves money and the environment.

The girls and I have a full week in front of us.  My birthday is on Wednesday.  I'm turning 29.  :)

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