Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vera’s been nursing like a champ the last week or so.  Lots of nursing.  Then last night while I was applying her MI paste to her teeth, I noticed new molars in the back.  Duh!  The two year molars. 

Speaking of Vera nursing, in six years I’ve never been injured nursing the girls.  Then last Saturday evening it happened.  Vera fell asleep nursing in the mei tai, and I stepped onto an escalator.  About half way up, I guess I must have leaned forward, because Vera’s head slid back slightly and she chomped down.  Hard.  Her bite made my knees buckle slightly and my eyes water.  Scott thought something was seriously wrong.  We got to the top of the escalator and Vera was still clamped down hard and asleep.  I did what I usually do to get her to unlatch which is to stick my pinky in her mouth to break the suction, but her jaw was locked.  I kept trying to wake her up and I was nearly in tears from the pain.  I pinched her cheek and bottom lip, and finally Vera woke up enough to let go.  I thought she had bit off my nipple.  There was no blood, but I was bruised.  I put an ice pack on when we got home.  That boob hurt so bad every time she nursed. 

I’ve been slowly getting things together for our trip down to Maryland.  I found some new things and places to visit.  Some how we ended up with two PSPs and the girls have confiscated them.  They love the RocoLoco game that’s really addictive and easy.  Scott put movies on the PSPs for our train ride down.  I think some dress up doll magnets or sticker books will round out our train activities nicely.  The train ride always makes me nervous.  Another reason why I wished we had a car.

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