Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We went to the beach and met up with friends yesterday.  Perfect beach weather.  Abby learned to body surf and Vera did some splashing and digging.  I was ready to go around 4pm, but Abby was having fun so I waited until 5:30pm.  I was wiped.  Vera fell asleep on my back on the way to the subway.  She was heavy, the bag was heavy, and Abby was tired but not complaining about carrying the toy bag.  Scott met us at our stop to help carry everything back home.  Literally, the girls and I took a shower, ate dinner, and went straight to bed.  I slept from 8pm to 7am.  How am I going to get through this pregnancy if I’m already this exhausted?

I gingered myself out.  I drank and ate too much of it.  The thought of ginger makes me want to puke.  So does pizza, and really anything with too much dairy in it.  Although frozen yogurt doesn’t have that effect.  I am constantly hungry.  I wake up around 4 in the morning starving.  I try to wait until the morning, but then my stomach feels like it’s going to cave in from hunger and nausea.  What is up with this pregnancy??  I nursed Abby through my pregnancy with Vera and the only issue I really had was breast tenderness.  That’s how I figured out I was pregnant.  I didn’t have this constant hunger or fatigue this early on. 

So that’s where I’m at.  Hurry up and get here second trimester!  I don’t see my midwife until October.  Seems like such a long time away, but it really isn’t. 

Ready to bake frozen scones from Fresh Direct kick ass.

Tomorrow is Abby’s 6th birthday.  This day six years ago, I was in labor.  Abby was born early in the morning on the first. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

All of Abby's first grade books are ordered.  For those interested, here's what we're doing for first grade.

Saxon Math 2
Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading
First Language Lessons 1
Writing With Ease 1
Story of the World, Ancient Times book 1
Handwriting Without Tears
National Geographic's Map Essentials, grade 1
Studying a new animal each week for science

I'm excited to get started.  It's time to get back in the swing of things.  August has felt like a long month.

Abby's sixth birthday is next week.  We're going to Staples on Wednesday to pick out school supplies for her birthday.  She's excited about it, and it took her mind off the Rebecca doll she's been after.  Scott and I decided to wait until the Holidays to get Abby the doll.  Vera wants a Bitty Baby and this way they both can get their dolls at the same time.  

Each day, I can tell I'm not as miserable as the day before.  By the evening, I'm wiped out.  I lay Vera down to sleep in the evening and usually I fall asleep with her.  I'm already showing!  It's got to be because this is my third pregnancy.  Oh my, my third.  I know it's early, but Scott and I have been enjoying discussing names.  I'm not ready to share them yet.  Not until I'm much farther along. :)  

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our trip down to Maryland was a much needed break from the city.  We slid down a 100 year old wooden slide, listened to folk music in a church turned cafe, swam in an indoor water park, and rode the rides and won three goldfish at the Howard County Fair.  Good times.  Oh yeah, and I found out I am pregnant.

Baby three is due mid April.  April 15th or 16th.  Scott spilled the beans to everyone as soon as I told him the test was positive.  I wish he would have waited until I at least heard the baby's heartbeat, and the first trimester was safely behind us, but what's done is done.  I didn't really think we were going to have another, but here we are.  Scott is swinging from the rafters happy and over joyed.  I'm the one who freaked out.

Three kids.  Three kids in Brooklyn.  I grew up in a family of two kids.  I have no idea how a family with three kids operates.  Scott does though.  He's got two other siblings.  I'm slowly adjusting to the idea of a third one.  I don't panic as much every time I think of more diapers, more groceries, more laundry, more EVERY THING.

This pregnancy has been a whopper from the start and totally different from my first two.  Today is the first day I feel somewhat normal.  I'm more tired when I wake up in the morning than when I went to bed.  I'm constantly nauseous.  All the time.  I've been drinking bottles of Reed's Ginger brew to help, but nothing seems to settle my tummy.  I wish I would just throw up and then I'd at least feel better for an hour or so.  And the cramps!  Those have almost passed. They come and go.  But at first, they would take my breath away.  I can't wait for October when I'll be in my second trimester and hopefully all this will be behind me.  Scott thinks the baby is a boy and that's why I'm having such a rough time.  We'll see.

We told the girls.  No point in waiting when all the world knows.  Abby is excited.  She can't wait to diaper and help ec the new little one.  Vera seems to have no clue or she just doesn't care.  I've started operation nurse reduce.  I know I'm not going to have the energy to tandem.  I barely have the energy to nurse now.  So I've stopped offering to nurse. I wait for Vera to ask.  I feel like it's cut back a bit.  I'm not messing with night weaning until January.  In January, the girls are getting bunk beds and Vera moves into Abby's room with her.  Ideally, I'd like Vera to be where Abby was when Vera was born.  I'd like Vera to be sleeping most of the night in her own bed and weaned by the time this baby comes.  Worst case scenario I'm nursing two kids and there's two kids in my bed and Scott has to sleep on the bottom bunk in Abby's room.

Abby can't wait to start ice skating again, and there's no way my pregnant butt is going out on the ice.  I need to figure out a way for her to go weekly to the rink.  Maybe I can get Scott to take them on the weekends or there can be one day where he gets home early from work to take her in the evening or maybe a friend would be willing to let her tag along.  She loves ice skating and talks about it constantly and I don't want her to miss a season because I'm pregnant.  Then I think about the following winter and I'll still have a tiny baby with me.  So really I need to figure out two winters, possibly three.  Vera started ice skating a month before she turned two.  Then there's ballet.  I got to figure out what I am doing about ballet.  That's another thing she keeps asking about.  Abby has been talking about how she wants to be an Olympic ice skater.  Why not swimming?! Something that's cheaper and easier to drag three kids to?!  Oh yeah, and she STILL asks when she's going to learn how to play the violin.  Whenever money starts growing on trees.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guess I'll have to pack Vera.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How Marge spends her afternoons.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Abby’s officially done with kindergarten.  Phew.  The last handful of math lessons never got done, but they were odd lessons that didn’t seem to really fit in anywhere.  So Abby will start first grade in September and I need to order all our curriculums.  I mailed in Abby’s IHIP and application for a student metrocard today. 

We’ll be celebrating Abby’s birthday with family down in Maryland this year.  Abby and I have been planning her birthday cake for a month now.  She wants a Storm cake.  Storm is an X-Men character.  Scott gave Abby all his old comic books months ago, and she’s fallen in love with Storm.  We ordered a Storm action figure to go on top.  I think using freeze-dried blueberries will make a blue-ish purple-ish icing for the base and then  freeze-dried mangoes to make yellow icing for lightening bolts.  I hope it looks cool.  But honestly, I think all Abby will care about is eating the cake and the fact it has a toy on top.  :)

Today has been a strange day for Vera.  We had a very bumpy morning.  It felt like one whole long tantrum.  (The guy downstairs just had new roommates move in, and I’m sure they want to move back out after today.) Nothing I did was right.  Everything Abby did or said made her mad.  Vera couldn’t find this and that wasn’t working right.  So frustrating!  And to top it all off Vera kept saying her tummy hurt.  I can never tell if her tummy really is sick or if she’s saying it because she’s upset or nervous about something.  Once lunch hit, it seemed we found our groove and she was fine.  I packed a bag for the park and we had an errand to run.  We get to the park and Vera says she has to pee.  I do our normal peeing at the park thing, only she suddenly gets a case of pee shyness.  Needless to say she peed in her pants.  I had a change of clothes.  Ten minutes later she says she has to poo.  We hike back up to the toilet, and she gets a case of poo shyness.  (Though Vera is very picky about pooping in public spaces, so I wasn’t surprised)  Though she did poop a bit in her pants.  The first time in over a year and a half, I think.  I can’t remember the last time she pooped in her pants.  I’d have to check my EC blog archive.  So we packed up and went back home.  Vera said she was tired and kept saying she wanted to poo at home, and I told her to relax and close her eyes.  She ended up falling asleep until we got home and then she didn’t have to poo anymore.  This was a long winded story about poop, but my point is, I think she might have a slight upset tummy.

Abby is starting to really get comfortable on her bike.  I’m not confident taking her off the block yet.  She gets nervous having to go around people on the sidewalk.  She’s getting there though!  At least she can now start herself and brake without issue.  Vera is starting to use her trike on her own.  It kills my back to have to bend down and pull her up and down the block.    

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vera getting a cut

And she's sitting by herself! OMG!
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